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sorry seems 2 be the hardest work, nei eg meinte word og NEON CLOWNS

Nå fekk eg akkurat kjeft av alenemor13 fordi eg hadde heilt glemt ud å skriva her, men det va litt fordi eg hadde glemt passordet mitt men så fant eg det igjen....

va ein liden tur i montreal og så på neon klovnene te bruce naumann veddu...jysla fine. og litt skumle men videoene va skumlast. så va det ein tjokk tysker så ikkje klarte gå inn i det eine utstillingsrommet for han rolsekoppen bruce hadde lagt veien inn jeli smale....det må vel ver elitistisk kunst, skinny people rule the world and all that! men det stemme ikkje heilt fordi per borten va tjokkas!

hasta la bueno suckers


Félix Larher

Jeg elsker Felix Lahrer's fotografier. Snapshotestetikk? eh.. . Det er alt jeg gidder å si. Jeg merker denne blogen vår består mest av bilder fremfor velskrevne ord. W00TEVA.

I love Felix Lahrer's photography. Thats all I have to say. I guess this blog of ours is more about pics then words. whuteva.

This is his some of his fashion pics:

He also do collages'n'stuff.

This will also be AWESOME!

I agree with Alenemor 13. Homopunk is pretty awesome. Freaky. But this party we're putting on in Oslo this saturday also will be AW!-to the some. Hitz & glitz!


oh, and if you need some porn; Homopunk is pretty awesome!

anatomic heart of gold

Ive been meaning to post this some while now... guess I just wantet it for my self..
this is what Ive asked my parents and my boyfriend for xmas the last years now... except I didnt know it actually excisted (!)
oh man, this is so cool... it even got a dagger in it.. but oh..its way too expensive 4 a gal like me (wanne make my day?)

you can also get it in silver.. (but gold is way better y'know...)

and yeah they have some other cool jewlery also , so you really should check it out!
where? @ bittersweet new york!


neo rave - whatever

hva er greia md new rave?
kult nok.
but why the big fuzz?

c u.

Euro is the new dollar
ka -ching!



free Berhard Willhelm poster

(The typical Björk fan, a gay graphic designer?)

(...and the more suprising. Check out the gallery yourself, go download the poster and join in)



I <3 Bernhard Willhelm

represented by www.totemfashion.com

you can get his clothes online at www.sevennewyork.com

Bernhard have designed all stage-clothes for Björk this summer, and did the sculpture on her album-cover for "Volta".
He will be showing a retrospective of his work at The Fashion Museum in Antwerp from July 2007 to January 2008.

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