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speaking of porn...

My mom caughed me beating off today:

Have you visited grandma today?? Or are you just sitting there; STARING AT DIFFERENT COCKS?!?

Two minutes later:

- “You’ve been sitting on that chair wanking all Christmas! It smells in here! OPEN A WINDOW!!”

clip from a 1970's educational filmstrip

1965 Anti-Pornography Propaganda film


Oh I don't really care about fashion'art'n'partys when I'm home for Christmas. It's all food'n'porn. Seriously. But sometimes you get these rare moments when your interests suddenly meets. When it comes to porn, I think we’ve showed you guy’s (and girls for that sake) homopunk.com before. Some of it is sexy, some of it is trashy-trendy-weird (you know, animal-masks and yesterdays boombox-makeup) and some is just…well, “liberating” (normal body-types aka ugly people, who cares)


Well, not really. I guess you manage to google just as good as I can (and know all the different xxx-tubes…?)

You may read an interview with him in BUTT (“piss drinking porn star was born in Cognac") where he talked about how unsexy pornstars where when they got their clothes back on…Francois Sagat is know for classy style, a tattooed toupee (I gonna need one myself soon!), beefy muscles and, yeah; piss-drinking...it’s no wonder why Bernhard Willhelm have choose him to present his latest men’s collection:

A pornstar with good taste is a supermodel x 10!

And guess what: Francois has a blog!

and check out his rather experimental youtube-profile...




Here is some dense music 4 u on a saturday nite. Come join me tonite, pretty please!!

Cripsy clear vocals and a fat bass from Donovan. YO!

SLUT BURGER (youtube-art is the best)

"Pee Symphony"
- how many times a day do you pee babee?

This is my personal favorite. It’s mostly caused by the sound of Mercedes cracking up in laughter right in the end of the clip. And because I believe in using toilets when you have to, even if it smells and is public and have weird holes carved out in the wall...

"The Milk Man"

I think it's got something to do with Aphex Twins classic tune ("I want some milk from the milk mans wifes tits"). Or maybe not.


Heart and soul
Baby, there is no goal
Turn the lights on bright
You're a rock and roll star
Feel my love
Coming from the heavens above
When my eyes meet your eyes
You know it's true

Baby come dance with me
Baby come dance with me-ee
On TV at the TV station
(repeat one time)

You are lost
And I am home
And nobody wants to be
Here alone

Ooh baby's in mint condition
Man I'm doin' some dirty wishin'
Let's both get on that rocket
To the stars

Baby come dance with me...

Slutburger is Mercedes and Stine. Mercedes went to KiR with me in Stavanger, but got immediately bored and moved up to the fucking north where she replaced me with Stine. This videoes makes me jelous I guess...

More videos on their youtube-profile.

(ps: I have forgott completly how to do this, so bare me if I'm editing the post here and there)

..let them drink inside of my house make them smoke outside of my house

Im not sure how I feel about Calvin Harris.. but this video directed by Kinga Burza makes me feel really crap about being sick at home, when I should be spending some quality xmas-partytime with my friends. Ah... and again , love it when they set the lights like that. It reminds me of old polaroids from my grandparents' place.. **like these ones here when I'm all dressed up and ready to go boomboxin' age 3.

Oh, and I love the wink towards Harris in Dragonettes' "The Boys" (wich is a cover vesion of his song 'the girls')
"I even like those scrawny Scottish into pop music but not like sorta like pop dance electro music"



Lei Julesviskene? Come dance with me this Saturday!



XXX 2 depressed.

dont fight on xmas baby

this song is kind of crap. just like most of the xmas food but i love the fighting couple! ehhh

dont get 2 drunk... although this new commercial from Belvedere Vodka is pretty decent including perfomances from mr gallo, terry richardson and with a soundtrack from the RZA. makes me wanna get drunk, and i probably will. sipping cognac with my grandmother age 90

so whatever you do on christmas, have fun! I think this final youtube flick starring david bowie is fun also! ehhh


I wish I could move like Michael Jackson do

Im not gonna give you a top-ten list of the best albums of 2007, or the best floorfillers, or the worst albumtitles. But Im gonna share with you some songs I listen to on my ipod and infront of the mirror these days.

Be sure to download them and you got some additionals to all the christmas carols. Just click on the Divshare symbol and click download original on the right on the page that jumps up.

And for those of you in Kristiansand tonight; come to Jallakveld @ Sixpence. Its gonna be bands:
Something Spies-y
Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
I sing the body electric
Danish Space Ferry Corsten
Pure 'n Tight

and Djs:
Dan Drehn
Panda Plek
Cyber puppy 007
...and maybe some more? dunno.


"l33t er ut. - Jeg har blant annet spilt en del Counterstrike de siste årene, og de som er i kjernegruppene, som kanskje er de kuleste
, bruker ikke lenger leet."


what to say, what to do...

Home for Christmas.


Ok. here we go Kaja.

She forced me to post this.

Ok, so I said yes to be in a fashionspread for plan-b.
Ok, so I hated my dress.
Ok, so I felt really uncomfortable in those heels.
Ok, so I felt like a was a mix between a clown/a housewife/a secretary/an angel/and some gothic dwarf thing.
Ok, So at least I tried.
..ok, so what...?

Here are the pixx. Simona, Pål and Truls (thnx fleurette) are all looking really good. And big ups 4 Anja who wanted us in, and her styling. (iz not her fault im a dwarf´n´stuff.) And Sigurd for the pixx.
...at least I got free booze. Say w000t.


I mean I´m sad, and I´m lonely. and I never had a pony!

I just realized. This has to be our blog´s theme song! Rrrrite?


I mean: just take a look @ the lyrics:

Filled up, with tears up over my head.
I can't get outta bed.
DEpressed, you see!
I am depressed I cant get dressed, because I guess....
I don't wanne go anywhere!
See, I don't care! (but I do have places to go, you know!)
I mean, I'm sad and I'm lonely and I never had a pony! .....

pic from her show @ spasibar.

Angie had a two hour long performance/show @ my school last year. She is so kool I would die. And hot as ice. And she gave me a kiss on the cheek when I stumbled in to her "backstage" (our tiny schoollibrary transformed into a nice lounge with cava, sørlandschips, some sandwich stuff etc.) and she gave me a si of her wine and some chips when I told her that No Pony was one of my favourite songs.

Check her out!


The Groke has left the building

It isn't the best documentation, but here I am at least: inside my heavy tape&toiletpaper-Groke. I think it worked out the way I wanted it to...

anyway, you can see my Groke-costume, and much more tomorrow!

I can, you can, weekend - again

more info @ Smuglesning.no

uncle Andys Xmas workshop # 1...ehh

ok ok ok! like this is not my idea or anything but this is the perfect christmas gift to all the bizzy kids that cant afford the iphone that all the old bearded wannabekids run around with....and also when you are at upoppis and then you get a great idea for your blog and need to write it like down....voila its the "hip.... PDA"!!!

you probably read about it before on 43folders.com, if not bookmark it. ehhh

and as im a kid of the C & P-generation...

"The Hipster PDA (Parietal Disgorgement Aid) is a fully extensible system for coordinating incoming and outgoing data for any aspect of your life and work. It scales brilliantly, degrades gracefully, supports optional categories and “beaming,” and is configurable to an unlimited number of options. Best of all, the Hipster PDA fits into your hip pocket and costs practically nothing to purchase and maintain. Let’s make one together.
Building your first Hipster PDA

1. get a bunch of 3"x5" file cards (here’s 500 for around 3 bucks)
2. clip them together with a binder clip
3. there is no step 3


this is how it looks when yr done!! check out the site for discussion on how to pimp up yur new PDA, in fact is almost like a small community of people discussing how to build the perfect one, on how to build it, edit it, bla bla bla...

while you do that.. listen to this :

sorry 4 the lack of video on this one... but its one of the tracks on the

Stones Throw X-Mas CD


my style aka. why this is not a fashion blog

2day I wear a customized tee from H&M (customized in the meaning that someone has cut a hole in the back of it..) that I probably have stolen (by a mistake) from the laundry-basement where I live.
I wore the same outfit yesterday and the day before that.. the same goes for the makeup. I've only applied a bit more makeup everyday as a topcoat to add some fizz**. Layer up!

(I also added a lot of contrast to the picture, so you wouldn't see how trashy I really look, and I went shopping.)


parties, and artist, and what to wear... when all you really want to post about, is this:


this is propaganda.

Martin Parr's photos makes me happy, quirky and witty and kind of grotesque.. is he laughing with us? it's a smack in the face, that's for sure.. hah, western civilization... Oh western civilization, marry me! xxx

I guess there is a lot I could say about his work, but yr probably happy with just the pictures too..? and if not, you could always download this recording of him, talking about photography, flickr, cliche's and so on..
that I got from
WE ARE ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS NOW! or go to his website

I also find his "autoportraits" inspiring, oh its all so inspiring..

get more pictures from magnum photos.


Last Weekend V.S This Weekend

This Friday all u guys have to come to the annual X-mas party at the art academy. FFF r playing (whatever happened 2 that last show ever in november guys???) Nils Bech are singing and dancin´4 us. And my BF and I R gonna hit u up with some floorfillers.

Pixx from last weekend @ Upopulær:
(stole them from Bjarne and facebook).

Bjørnar came home from London to dance @ upopulær

Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya gave us a good show. I busted my ankel and broke my tooth.

Qt grrls.



All my friends are gay

Ellinor and Trond Erik, Generation C.