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I mean I´m sad, and I´m lonely. and I never had a pony!

I just realized. This has to be our blog´s theme song! Rrrrite?


I mean: just take a look @ the lyrics:

Filled up, with tears up over my head.
I can't get outta bed.
DEpressed, you see!
I am depressed I cant get dressed, because I guess....
I don't wanne go anywhere!
See, I don't care! (but I do have places to go, you know!)
I mean, I'm sad and I'm lonely and I never had a pony! .....

pic from her show @ spasibar.

Angie had a two hour long performance/show @ my school last year. She is so kool I would die. And hot as ice. And she gave me a kiss on the cheek when I stumbled in to her "backstage" (our tiny schoollibrary transformed into a nice lounge with cava, sørlandschips, some sandwich stuff etc.) and she gave me a si of her wine and some chips when I told her that No Pony was one of my favourite songs.

Check her out!

2 kommentarer:

7R7R sa...

yay! dette er en long-time fav for meg. (faktisk blitt 4 år siden den kom ut)

Favoritten på Barbara Brockhausen albumet er "I don't do Dirty work sucka", med "no pony" som en god nummer 2 eller en enda bedre nr 3.

Cyber puppy 007 sa...

yes, den er og fin. Og Cosmo hoe. Vakre tekster.

Yeah I like so smoke my mink(?)
And I blink when I think
on my pinky, I wear a ring.
To the bottle of clink(?)
I am a popular thing...
..and Im waiting.

I am a cosmo hoe.
And I like alkohol.
Ad I hav a buzz, just because...
..I like alkohol, yes I love alkohol.
I fall for alkohol.
...and Andy Warhol!