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Vagina dresses

Marie Kristiansen did it again! A few years ago, she got the headlines for beeing sensured from the schools exhibit-catalouge for the avgangsutstilling @ Oslo Fotokunstskole. The schools principle Emil Fedida, refused to let her show her photos; one containing a woman undressing from a burka (her tits where showing) and one with a naked woman wearing a palestina skarf on the head and the writings "Israel" on her back - with the s formed as a swastika.

Well, if u want to know more about that case, just google Marie Kristiansen or Emil Fedida or whatever. Cuz what Im interested in rite now, is these girls wearing these amazing dresses:

Looks like a vagina. But in a beatuiful and gorgeous way. I couldnt find out who made the dressed, as the main focus on the article I read was the photos. They are going to be shown at Gallery A in Oslo after newyears. Go see. I know I will.

2 kommentarer:

martemjau sa...

vagina dresses for vagina girls?


wish i was here after new year, so i could go see it with you... mjau

Cyber puppy 007 sa...

yes. oh well. Ill throw a party for u @ spasibar on the 29th of december. J.O.P! hell yeh.