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Fun in the Forest

Model: Deprimert Julatre. Photos: Me.

Tragiskt men magiskt

I did some scanning today. It´s some from winter time and some from early spring. Me and Mikael are working on a project together. Keywords: Animal VS. Human, grunge, vampire, Homemade clothes, cold, forest, kids. This is just a sketch.

Another blog on the roll

My friend and the brain behind
ich liebe, has also started blogging. It´s adicitve innit?

When I ask her about the blog she says it´s about shitty fashion, shitty lifestyle and shitty photography. Therefore the name ShittyFashionIchLiebe.blogspot.com
Well, I disagree, until now she has written about Jan Von Holleben, Buffalo Shoes, her own jewlery and fashion, and the Holographic show "Liquid space" at Diesel show. Which all is things I love. Plus lottsa more.

You can start with checking out the jewlery she made for me (us)!

Then move over here 4 more.


"you make me want to crochet"

inlove with Clare Though's grafitti-like knitweare? Yeah me too..
I'm a huge fan of the works of Jean Michel Basquiat and it's not hard to see that Clare has let her self inspire by him as well. The result is really fun and bold, and it gives me a bit of the same refreshing feeling I remember from when I first noticed Basquiat. ye ye ye ye ..!

Jean Michel Basquiat

and yeah vivienne westwood again.
I think I'll start to knit, or paint my nose green, or at least do something I guess..

crochet - julie ruin


fashion rulez part II

benjamin cho

Army Of Me - Björk /Dr Syntax 'N'CB Turbo V. Rivethead


fashion rulez

vivienne westwood
(I've been rading lot about tribes and rituals lately.. and I love this trend with naive/"primitive" prints on textile)

armand basi
(this reminds me of the sort of mari mekko, and oilily clothes I used to weare as a child, side ponytail with feathers in my hair. lol summertimes!)

sonia rykel

(I want those shoes.. and leggs..and the clothes arn't too bad either..)


we know all about you - ebony bones

creator - santogold

ungawa pt.2 (way out guyana) remix - pulsallama

umbilical noose - dandi wind

gasolina (extended mix) - bonde do role

baby mother (toxicgirl strip mix) - ari up

***jeg arrangerer møfrø-kveld førstkommende fullmåne, da skal vi spille på trommer, synge afrikanske sanger og danse svensk ringdans. ta gjerne med røkelse og grønn te etter eget ønske!
mvh Alenemor13


2 da bergen kidz

come shake ya rump 2 my gangstarap vs britney beatmissmixing skills,Pators untz untz untz bloghouse, and upop indie vs minimal music?

UPOP is a new blog in bergen...smuglesnings fat little sister? ;)

Untz untz untz is the best and only music blog in bergen acording to Pastor...hrmf LOL


SS 08

photo: zoren gold & minori

Early Mornin' (Jason Nevins remix) - Britney Spears


frYars, frYars! yur pantz is on fyar...

on friday i went 2 see frYars and this kid from london makes some nice sounds..the concert sucked(mainly bcause of the settig and crowd) but take a look on his myspace HERE!!!

he is also opening for goldfrapp and vampire weekend this spring, and i guess he will play some festivals also? maybe even with full band?


have a nice SUNday

haha, this is pretty close to what i wore out in da sun tday...and a funny kick in the teeth 2 TMagazine...

the sun goes down and the world go dancing - magnetic fields(right click and saaaaaaaave)




Photo: Felix Larher

Sorry for beeing such lazy bloggers lately. But I know we all struggle with applications for different art schools´n´stuff. so stupid, I know. Oh well, what can we do? I am an art bitch I am an arsonist... bla bla bla.

N-e-way, I have tons of stuff I want to share with u guys, but first up are these two songs from this Australian band called BMX. Its new and fresh and perfect for your ipod this week, as the sun just started shining again. I can never get enough POP-music.



(just click the divshare-symbol and it takes you 2 the site where u can download the tune).


sunday: nada

Ah gawd.. it's Sunday.. oh well, technically closer to Monday I suppose.. What I should have been doing was to put together the last finnish for my school applications, but I haven't been able to get around to that...yet. Instead I've been doing some reading on different rituals and esotericism, had a listen to my dutch linguaphone course.. drinking a whole lot of choclate milk, and watched video interviews at [ flasher]

Pimsleur Dutch lesson 01

Tot Ziens!

**photos: Sonja Mueller, Nicholas Prior

So nice. Have a good sunday.

Crystal Castles - Tell Me What To Swallow


and since I'm staying home tonight...

We always tend to post our weekend-documentation like a month too late here on 2depressed (believe me: it's about time that needed to recover), but this time it's REALLY really old, from me and alenemor13s early days...

I thought I was fed-up with partypics, I mean:
There's nothing special about them,
everybody looks the same,
makeup and booze, why all the fuss?!?

but then I found this and I realized that even I have grown alittle bit older...

If you thought that alenemor13 looks like she's 13 now, well, how old is she here?!?

So I guess I like partypics after all.
I don't think we danced that night.
Maybe alenemor13 did, I was too sissy back then.
But Checkpoint Charlie still play the same music nowadays...

what crazy fuck wants to dance to this on a friday-night anyway?!?

Ok, enough nostalgia

get drunk, find love


karma post

After last nights party with some blackmetal guys & co and an afterparty with trash metal and skatepunk i feel really unholy sooooo....(where is helvetica font when i need it?)




...is the night for Abo Rasul (or Matias Faldbakken or whatever) to party for the release of his third book in the series "Skandinavisk Misantropi". As I loved (but also got a bit bored by) the two others Im def. in on the party.
And also, no parties is as good as the ones on weekdays.

So see you tonight?

Where? Spasibar
When? 19:30 - late (I hope)
What? Release of "Unfun" by Abo Rasul and DJ´s from Smuglesning.no
Why? Cuz it´s a wednesday!

More on the book here.


The Burka Collection 2008

Without bothering to make an opinion wether or not this is morally right, i present for you, THE BURKA COLLECTION 2008:

Santa Burka

Supporter Burka

Burberry Burka


and the prettiest I think, for home; The Burka-Doll.

The collection is made by "Marked Moskva", the people also behind Spasibar in Oslo. (And therefore my bosses.) I think it´s fresh and kind of sweet, but I understand the Muslim girls´s rage when they presented the collection of Burkas on March the 8th (!) down at Grønland, Oslo, Norway. Oh well, interested in getting one for your wardrobe? I think the Santa-Burka is a must-have! Maybe Alenemor could sport the Burberry-Burka when she is out walking Sara? Order og check out more here.