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The Burka Collection 2008

Without bothering to make an opinion wether or not this is morally right, i present for you, THE BURKA COLLECTION 2008:

Santa Burka

Supporter Burka

Burberry Burka


and the prettiest I think, for home; The Burka-Doll.

The collection is made by "Marked Moskva", the people also behind Spasibar in Oslo. (And therefore my bosses.) I think it´s fresh and kind of sweet, but I understand the Muslim girls´s rage when they presented the collection of Burkas on March the 8th (!) down at Grønland, Oslo, Norway. Oh well, interested in getting one for your wardrobe? I think the Santa-Burka is a must-have! Maybe Alenemor could sport the Burberry-Burka when she is out walking Sara? Order og check out more here.

1 kommentar:

BarnmedHenrik sa...

wow, great. I havnt even ordered my russe-clothes, so maybe I should just get the burka instead? Are you able to see some of these up and close in that little store bellow waldhemar thranes gate?