☯♡☯♡.♀:.@.*~*☺666**☼:@1♥. ☼**♫:.▲△.:*~omg@*♂♀☺∞卍☺_.:*~*:.$*$$



Mikaél, this 1s 4 u:

Everytime I hear this song I think of you, Ida, and our days in WT51B.
Now Eli Escobar made a disco mix.

Hope Frankfurt treats you well.

Miss you!

And this song is also for you,
dont even try to get another BFF in Germany...


1-2-4-3 none of these bitches are better than me..



Chelley - Took the night




last night I was drunk:

Thursday Ill be drunk:

Saturday I have to be drunk:

come join me?


Trusö Live
– une fête de trusöxuelle
Saturday 25. april kl 20.00 @Kurant!

"Trusö fanzine har release for sitt tredje nummer och bjuder på storslagen fest med stumfilmkonsert, performance, sound-collage, konserter, och dj`s!"



And yeah me and Derimert Julatre are in charge of the dancefloor afterwards!
as: iTunes Djs Stjernelaks & Bivdu-Baby

come, come, come, 'n have fun with us ! ! ! :)


<3 poem




Fredrik Hana and Marius Lunde - TRANSSEXUAL EXPRESS - teaser!!!

While going through post-breakup depression up here in the wet snow, a youtube-teaser showing my old, heterosexual bestfriend reborn as an asian tranny give me at least some good flashbacks: like when I forced Marius to buy gay porn for me, or simply being my pretend-boyfriend everyday throughout the whole secondary school...


"..a girl's got it made when she can get her two BFFs, to fight over her - in Stavanger, or any other place.."

Home in STA♥ANGER for the holidays (via one intense partyweekend in OSL...)
And that means, meeting up with old and new friends and act like we're kidz again. It's an exhausting but important ritual.
On top of it all Cyberpuppy decided to come visit me in my childhood town. Great fun!

And as for all my vacations, this old classic with Ann-Margret; "Made in Paris",
sets the standar for my expectations.

oh well I found my prehistoric first digitalcam laying in a shelf in my parents house, so here follows some real teen cam glam Fujifilm ex- 20 style...




Chiara Balza

Nice lightning. Via Dazed Digital.

Alenemor 13 partying up with Sun Helen and 50 cent @ the karaoke-bar in STVG during easter

this little dance is after they spent about 4 minutes on stage rappin' just like l'trimm


God Påske



Im Dj'ing again thursday and friday this week

Thursday its time for another Flaggfabrikken presents, this evening Landmark will be turned into the mysterious tales of Finnish photographer Susanna Majuri accompanied by the tunes of forest folk musician Lau Nau. For the first time the two will let their expressions merge and channel through new forms as a kind of performance and installation. During the performance an intimate reportage of Susanna Majuri, shown on national TV in Finland, will be screened as well. And on special request from the artists; DJ Cyber Puppy 007 will round up the evening with dance-friendly electro beats. (copyed from here)

Friday its time 4 me to go to my hometown for an easterholiday. Kristiansand is the place. Some really nice ppl invited me to play at a party Firday the 3rd of April, they even gave me a plainticket so im flyin' over to hopefully get some dancin' goin' on, so if yr in KRS atm drop by!

Lykke Li - A Little Bit (Villains remix)

Bon Iver vs Friendly Fires & Aeroplane - Lump Sum Of Paris (thehoodinternet mashup)

Boy Crisis - L'homme

Röyksopp - Tricky Tricky

hopefully it will turn out something like this: