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Firehouse & Lady Smita - Du Får Ik Punani

Punani (Ladybox vs Copyfokking Remix)
- Firehouse ft. Lady Smita


Alla gillar brudar!!

I put a lot of time and energy into this compilation of scandinavian gemstones
so you better enjoy. I bet u will! luv * luv * luv *

Alla Gillar Brudar - Ismen & Gorillala

Hej Fandis - Fjortisar

Fjortis ( Jerzer Radio ) - Fronda

Med på den værste (sminkedukkesangen) rmx - Kælling

Fjortisdunk - Basshunter

Alla Som Jeg Kender Be Quite (Nick Rishøj mix) - Maskinen ft. ADL, Timbuktu & Lazee vs. Klamfyr

Får jeg ikke K*** river jeg ned huset!! (maskinen tribute)

Ryst Røv
- Kolding

15 år - DiscoCrew

time well spent^^
(if someone asks... it's called research)

;-) Alenemor13

Bonus track****
scene from the swedish movie by Ruben Östlunds
- "De Ofrivilliga"
(one of my fav. movies at the film festival.)

(ska du ikkje blogge dette snart marthe????)

new song from THE CHAKA PUFFS!!!

the song is called "Ville Politivideoer" (crazzzy policechasevideoooooos in anglais. eh?=). go kiss them 4 me at fincken this wknd!!!


'Sculpture for Teenage Boys: Miller Pyramid, 13 High'
by Rob Pruitt

by Brad Troemel

'The nature of your opression is the aesthetic of our anger'
by David Lieske

by Hans-Peter Feldmann

'Untitled (Orange Pyramid)'
by Peter Coffin




encounters at the end of the world

"Kirkenes is located in the extreme northeastern part of Norway on the Bøkfjorden, a branch of the Varanger Fjord, which is a vast bay connected to the Barents Sea near the Russian-Norwegian border. The town is situated about 240 miles (400km) north of the Arctic Circle."

(If you're in the area, drop by the main-square and say hello... 
I'm here sculpting huge iceblocks with chainsaw, god knows what it'll be, feels like I'm in a pirate-harbour and it's not far away from the truth either...)


you save: 0,-

Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club

Who Feelin' It (Mista Sinista's Full Remix) - Tom Tom Club



SMS confessions

Soulsearching. I took a look at the words I've added (more or less knowingly) to the wordlist on my cellphone..
The result is.. yeah well...revealing
and here it is:

amir, byn, cyberspace, blogge, bredbånds, cardigan, britney, bestiser, bound, boligfronten, andreas1, blogger, cava, akapella, bizzniz, barbie, bez, bæsj, aesop, cementen, batikk, bekkefaret, c'est, cxzy.kgrrl@gmail.com, bursdag, az, æsj,

every, ermet, drinx, erik, francisco, folkis, fitta, flytog, ekspress, flax, day, filosofi, dermia, facebook, face, fanzine, folk, faen.

husfest, grünerløkka, hotmail, instalere, hora, hallais, indisk, gnålet, gmail, gnå, hinna, herligheden, gabber, hasselblad, hair, ha1, hairspray, halveis, gave, innflytting, halvei, hamstre

kuppa, luske, julia, kline, jævla, kool, jævel, jongeriuslab.com, konfyren, komfyren, kolonia, kavringz, kjibas, lederen, karismatisk, kanselert, ladyhawk, kallioinen, koz, jaffal, luv, krystaller, jævlig.

nupen, numusic, øvelseskjører, ostepop, ørjan, mosvannet, mopp, moi, narch, oi, ole, olai, miriam, miltbrann, nikon, meet, martine, oh, nedom, nettbank, many, margrethe, malteser, markveien, mongo, mikael, mld, mia, marthe,

sykkeltur, studentkroa, supert, strax, stratos, pulk, quiz, spy, priten, spivak, prevansjon, sperra, presets, riots, prada, sound, sovna, performance, polaria, smirnoff, snareste, sjur, slanter, ready, rikke, piet, rest, sheep, selvpresentasjon, reality, remixer, schankeholen, scanner, sadisme, partisj, paracet, sunny, sifra, spasibar, på.

tyggis, tusj, trynene, trusa, tromsø, vinduskarmen, very, thranes, that, timelista, T. , ticket, usj, taco, vors, vært, vi.

whats, wear, want, yet, yin, what, yang,

I guess you could tell alot about a person by this method.
ahh I'm a bit embarrassed actually..

Daniel Jerome - God Is Saying Go On

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Japanese Pop Stars Remix) - Beyonce

Naughty Noughties

by Aleksey Kiselev

I guess it´s a tribute 2 Alenemor13 and Deprimert Julatre and all the other redheads out there



FM Belfast (iceland) is playing live and Röyksopp is dj'ing afterwards.
ye ye ye should be fun!

yes FM Belfast were as cute as you could expect! great show!
I think they're better live than on the record, never boring. they have very nice coversongs also.

FM Belfast - Synthia

FM Belfast - Pump

FM Belfast - Lotus **( now the real one lolz)

Röyksopp played a good set. but it really piss me off when people just stand and stare at the stage as if they're at a concert. too crowded to dance. but we managed to make a dancefloor at the cocktail area. great fun in tromsø last night!

XXX, partners in crime,

Alenemor13 & Deprimert Julatre


Mand mødes med mand:
Hvem er du?

Kvinder føder
og dør.

- sigbjørn obstfelder




for Arthur Russells dad...

...for reminding me on how blogging about stuff one loves has a potential of being meaningful. let it be what it is, beautiful echoes for us to listen to. I truly recommend the movie

(hope you don't mind Marius, but I just might think you have the must loveable livingroom in the world) 



Var eg ein Gud,-------------------------------Livet er avlyst.
ville eg skapa------------------VS--------La oss sove videre
ei stillare verd.-------------- -----------------til neste
Der skulle alle elske.-------------------------eon.
Var eg ein Gud,-------------------------------Snart blir solen
ville eg skapa---------------------------------.en supernova,
kjærleik og død,----------------------------------------
berre kjærleik og død.-----------------------.samme faen.

-Tor Jonsson----------------------------------Tor Ulven

Fattig ynskje - Andrej Nebb

The Message (Datashat Remix) - Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five



being sick and all, gives me all the time in the world to do what I enjoy the most... searching for treasures on the web. enjoy yourself at the stupid filmfestival guys!
I have all I need right here.

Lynx - Gaupe, Art Journal Playshop With Suzi Blu

"My power animal is:
Lynx - Gaupe
This is a Art Journal entry inspired of the Art Journal Playshop With Suzi Blu, Mola Power Animals.

Geometric shape: triangle.
Mediun used: Gesso, pencil, sharpie, acrylic paint, metal leaf."



illustation: still from a youtube video by Ewiantube

no fun just pain.pain pain pain...p p ppp pain.

I get around (disco wizards remix) - The beach boys


EDIT: 4 partypixx go visit THE CHAKA PUFFS!!! I love you!!!

come and get a hubbabubba 2night!!!

bloglove from the chaka puffs n me!!!





its times for evil, its times for good

I found this ring at one of the charity stores on Tromsø some weeks ago. I thought it was a great buy! But wtf..?? No one is feeling it..(!) they just think its some kind of useless vendingmachine toy (yeah ok they're right..) but let me tell u a little something about this ring. ( I guess I've read far too many The Phantom comics for a girl my age, I thought this was common knowledge... ) well here it goes..


Most people know about The phantom's skullshaped ring with which he marks his enemies, but some might also know that he's got another ring as well - the ring of good.

"A signature of the character ( the phantom) is his
two rings. One has a pattern formed like four crossing sables, "The Good Mark", that he leaves on visitors whom he befriends, placing the person under his protection. The other, "The Evil Mark" or "Skull Mark" has a skull shape, which leaves a scar of the corresponding shape on the enemies he punches with it. He wears the Good mark on his left hand because it is closer to the heart, and the Evil Mark on his right hand. "



i saw the light

R.I.P 2008

thnx to one of the best, monsieur p, for reminding my of this song of Martin Dupont