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FM Belfast (iceland) is playing live and Röyksopp is dj'ing afterwards.
ye ye ye should be fun!

yes FM Belfast were as cute as you could expect! great show!
I think they're better live than on the record, never boring. they have very nice coversongs also.

FM Belfast - Synthia

FM Belfast - Pump

FM Belfast - Lotus **( now the real one lolz)

Röyksopp played a good set. but it really piss me off when people just stand and stare at the stage as if they're at a concert. too crowded to dance. but we managed to make a dancefloor at the cocktail area. great fun in tromsø last night!

XXX, partners in crime,

Alenemor13 & Deprimert Julatre

3 kommentarer:

marthe sa...

ah var d gøy? De var søte når de var på Landmark i høst.

Christiane Grelland sa...

så søt video :)

alenemor13 sa...

cute X 1000

jeg gikk jo glipp av dem sist de var her pga. Diesel i oslo.