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Yup! one of the best bookings at this years Borealis festival is in my opinion black devil disco club! wamp wamp to digitalo for that! so BDDC tonight @ Digitalo @ landmark in BERGEN!!!

b3 no regrets - black devil disco club

right click bla bla

also you probably wanna check out Boris at teatergarasjen earlier tonight...atleast if you wanna go home with some guy with a mustache that smokes badla


more info here

And here's maybe a hint of whats to expect? I got this mixtape, made by one of the guys in party shank, from bigstereo.net

shanks - no sleep mixtape

and you should also visit their Myspace for more of their music!

c u 2nite!!
love love


wicker is wicked

Rachel Sweet - Voo doo

I've been watching this video atleast 5 times a week lately often more too... I'm addicted.


Junya Watanabe a/w 08/09

Picture by Penny Martin, which reminds me of...:

for the first pictures form Paris, make sure to stay updated with Pennys mobilecamera-blog on showstudio this week


Oh I've been attending dog-shows and slept in containers (all true, documentation from our extreme dog-show-turned-hobo-weekend is being edited right now...), but here we go, Paris Fashion Week has started and I haven't figured out what too say about New York, London and Milan yet (and let's not forget about Oslo, lol...)

I like when my brain struggles a little bit, and I've just felt that what I've seen the last month is all stuff I've seen before and thought "we" where done with (like the Jil Sander-collection, where those grey jackets with cocoon-necks looks "outdated" already)

But Paris is always the most exciting week...the most spectacular, decadent and conceptual...


f-blog + j-pop...

Watch this video by the worlds best? selling artist Ayumi Hamasaki. I think she has sold like 50 million records or something and she is the femme fatale. hah of j-pop. just click it and read on wiki... her history includes:

- started modelling at age 7
- school dropout from tenth grade
- worked as a discodancer at a japaneese nightclub
- started her music career in the japaneese RAP scene
- now a icon of fashion. hah
- completly deaf on her left ear.

so what do next for Ayumi? of course to get remixed by Institubes finest, Para One..hah, one day her record company just called up para one and asked for an offical remix according to the man himself...haha

i guess this is the same as if Britney would ask for a Justice remix.(kiddding). enjooooooy saturday


AYUMI HAMASAKI - Greatful Days ( Para One Remix)


Oh yeah, but today I'm going to Bø in Telemark with two young studs (Tor Erik /deprimert julatre and Henrik) to take pictures at this big dog show. (escaping the by:larm festival that takes place in Oslo these days) Hopefully we'll find some place to sleep there tonight, but all the hotels and cabins seemes a bit too expencive.. wish us luck!


2 many free drinx

Went to the opening of the sales exhibition "Black and White" at Kaare Berntsen this thursday..
Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch, Helmun Newton, Sally Mann, Man Ray, Matias Faldbakken, William Klein..and so on for ever, with entertainment by Nils Bech and Bendik Giske (they almost made me cry.) dead artist/young artists.. it felt almost like a best of compilation, wich actually was a nice change after going to all these new independent and often pretty obscure exhibitions..

**But I'm not sure if the free drinks was such a good idea....


ready, rock steady.

Here's some of my personal favourits from the MA class of 2008 at Central Saint Martins:

art deco. Theres something about the combination bright colors together with dusty ones that makes things look so professional..

Futurism anno 1999.

Indigo goth-chic. "I'd totally wear this"

Censur me. I think these are nice follow ups to the incognito glasses by Martin Margiela.

Op art vs folklore.

Desert sun and this global warming. I've seen this before but it's nice and casual.

maritime/egypt. I love the fabric combination the belts the pants and the shapes all together..



"gifts for you,
gift til meg"

I don't usually like taking pictures at parties, it's too much stress taking care of the camera when I'm starting to get drunk, (it's still sticky after I managed to spill wine all over it the last time...) and besides, I'd rather dance and eat snack.

Ah but then again.. I have this huge fascination with generation C, and party pixx is probably the easiest way of showing off your friend
s, so OK here we go:

One of the Hostesses. Marthe is sporting what I guess must have been the best gift, the Dolly caps from Nils ( my prawn crackers being a close #2 Im sure of....)
All the way from sweden: thanx for a nice concert Antonia!

there's always a kitchen crowd at these home alone parties.
The bar being placed in there might also be a main reason...
boys boys boys. are you drooling Tor Erik??

the dancefloor was placed in Marthe's room.
Jørgen cant stay away from the DJ table

nothing sets the mood quite like campari!

Mikaël transformed his room into a redlight lounge, "what happends i the lounge stays in the lounge..."

party flavours!





happy B-Day Sara!!

kind of rude actually.., hosting a housewarming party at my dogs birthday..


picture: Matt Irwin

Tonight there is a party @ my house. housearming party. If you are nice you should come. My friend Antonia will play some of her songs. Simona will be DJing, I will b djing, Mikael will also dj and maybe something more will be going on.

Muscles - Sweaty (Shazam rmx)



Skranglepop fra Gøteborg, BERGEN remixxx

" Gøteborg-kveld på STRÆDET! Gøteborg er mer enn Liseberg, likvidering på åpen gate og korv med potatismos. Byen har en særdeles levende skranglepopscene, og Spasibar presenterer ikveld to av byens godbiter. James Ausfahrt er soloprosjektet til Åke Strömer, som lager svensk quirky casiopop i samma gata som Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, agent simple, jens lekman.

Han har nettopp gitt ut et album ved navn party for the arty people/arty for the party people, og har turnert med Still Flyin, Architecture in Helsinki, og Love Is All. Vokalisten i Love Is All, Josephine Olausson har uttalt at James Ausfahrt er den beste live-artisten i Sverige. Den som kommer får se. En fin anledning for harmonisk fyll midt i uka." - fritt etter SMUGLESNING.NO

Konserten starter når det passer. GRATIS INNGANG

før og etter snurrer våre venner i Sarahs postcard plater og sånn


she got legzzz

i guess the name is kind of bad, or fun or you know. but cmon the music is fun or maybe not fun but intresting! Child Pornography, and i guess we now get some hitz at google that we dont want but meeeeh.

They are from SAN FRAN and thnx to my favourite music blog 20jazzfunk...for writing in the first place about this band...


skatebård podcast!!!

We love skatebård, and he just made an podcast/mix/radioshow for Sid Loves Turbo( alllllo allo MNTRL!!!! ;)).

Enjoy som really nice tracks from OUT AND ABOUT, and best of all is his introducions to the songs!


or go to sid loves turbo



photo by Silja

This week one of my favourite bands from Oslo, SCARLET MONROE is "Ukas Urørt" at NRK P3. Thats SO good news, as these guys deserve all the attention they can get. I dont really know what to say about them. (I suck a categorize music). The band consists of Martin Smådal Larsen, Audar Kantun, Simon Schultz and Tobias Liland; four good guys from Bodø, now living in Oslo. (uh ok yes.. one of them are my BF!)

photo: Espen Kjelling

Been a long while now since theyve played any shows. They seem to spend a lot of time in the rehearsing room, so hopefully they are back on the stage soon with some new hit songs. (all they produce seems to be hits. instant that is.)

Here you have two of them:



(sorry guys. Tell me if its not OK to give them away, I know u don´t allow downloads from yr myspace...)

Photo: Ina Marie Winther Åshaug

Ok. Be sure to download these and play them LOUD B-4 they force me to take them down, but also buy the EP whenever the release date is.


love from the WESTCOAST

Check out the new SKATEBÅRD video featuring ANNIE and VUELO!!! It is directed by PAUL TUNGE from RANDABERG. Randaberg is a great place outside Stavanger where my family have a summerhouse where I also play Tennis...