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my ebuys...

Oh man, I'm hooked. Been spending a bit too much time surfing
ebay lately (and maybe too little time on fashion week..?) Well, here's some of my latest buys and favourites:

Black leather civil war cap. inspired by Ozone's outfit in breakin 2, and hey, isn't it a bit Luis Vuitton?

...And another leather cap. I'm thinking about customizing it with studs (Burberry Prorsum style)

Black qulted leather purse (I couldn't afford the real thing)

I kinda like this one here, it's a bit
Chanel for Lidl (and of course it's fake) but there's other people bidding on it so I probably won't bother.

ah I'm always trying to bid on
white or pastel colored classic buffalo boots but some german teenagers always manage to outbid me. I know my boyfriend is relieved that I don't get them but I'm a bit annoyed myself..

Me and
Deprimert Julatre found this loony tunes shirt yesterday, in our search for birds. We were going to place a bid but we lost track of time and someone else is now the proud owner.
It's times like that, I prefer the ebay stores.. not at all as nerve wracking as the auctions but often a bit more expencive..

The dog sweaters and the horse tee, might be a bit too much on the kitchy side (not that it has ever stopped me before..) but I rather like the one with the palomino horses (many different colors and sizes available at Giddy Up T-Shirts ebay store...)

well, well, well,
shop till you drop, and here's some loony tunes (hah) to inspire you while you're at it!