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"gifts for you,
gift til meg"

I don't usually like taking pictures at parties, it's too much stress taking care of the camera when I'm starting to get drunk, (it's still sticky after I managed to spill wine all over it the last time...) and besides, I'd rather dance and eat snack.

Ah but then again.. I have this huge fascination with generation C, and party pixx is probably the easiest way of showing off your friend
s, so OK here we go:

One of the Hostesses. Marthe is sporting what I guess must have been the best gift, the Dolly caps from Nils ( my prawn crackers being a close #2 Im sure of....)
All the way from sweden: thanx for a nice concert Antonia!

there's always a kitchen crowd at these home alone parties.
The bar being placed in there might also be a main reason...
boys boys boys. are you drooling Tor Erik??

the dancefloor was placed in Marthe's room.
Jørgen cant stay away from the DJ table

nothing sets the mood quite like campari!

Mikaël transformed his room into a redlight lounge, "what happends i the lounge stays in the lounge..."

party flavours!

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(emo)martemjau sa...

is it possible to miss a city so much that it actually starts to burn a hole in your heart

i love oslo