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ready, rock steady.

Here's some of my personal favourits from the MA class of 2008 at Central Saint Martins:

art deco. Theres something about the combination bright colors together with dusty ones that makes things look so professional..

Futurism anno 1999.

Indigo goth-chic. "I'd totally wear this"

Censur me. I think these are nice follow ups to the incognito glasses by Martin Margiela.

Op art vs folklore.

Desert sun and this global warming. I've seen this before but it's nice and casual.

maritime/egypt. I love the fabric combination the belts the pants and the shapes all together..

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Reinedelaseine sa...

hey nice blog :) thanks for the comm, i added you under my links

Alisa sa...

I loved all of these to bits and pieces

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