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Fantapop Bergen

2night I will join forces with two of Bergens finest sk8terbois spinning records at Fincken @ Night Out. I just signed them 2 our skateteam; 2depressed2skate

see ya there from 22pm till 2am. GRATIS.

make sure 2 check out their blog @ : 

for all yur latest fix on whad up in bergens skate scene. haha



C'mon over 2night
Girls and Boys
Beer & Hotdogs
Love and Joy
Greatest hits
(oh please come on by)
good times!

MARKVEIEN 46 (top floor)

KL. 23:00 - till u leave..
cc. 0,-

performances/ Stuff by :
Galepål aka. "Tom"
Rebecca Kjelland
Nils Bech feat. Alenemor13
Amalie K ?
Deprimert Jualtre?
DJ Cyberpuppy 007?
everyone that feel like doing whatever..

(det kommer til å bli flaut, klamt og deilig!)


Exhibition in Markveien

Oslo operahouse cake by Mira and Margrethe

Deprimert Jualtre
's birthday..
party and exhibition in Markveien 46.

LoL, read the review (in norwegian)

Kan vi ikke være venner? - Sjur Nyvold
(can't we be friends?)

COME BY FROM 23:00 till... for ever..

love love!

shine on me

I've noticed the trend on blogging about sunglasses
(yeah, naturally, it's summertime!)
Even though the sun has been a bit shy these last days.. there's alot of really nice (and expencive) ones out there, but here are some of my cheap and tacky favs:

Think I'll head down to Oslo S right away to get myself a pair of these classic holographic sunglasses.
stoner chic.. maybe I'll go for a pair with marijuana leaves..

If your looking for a pair of sunglasses that stand out.. and not necessarily in a good way...
you can always visit Shades of fun
most of the glasses makes you wonder weather to laugh or start crying but you might be able to find yourself some cheap thrills..

I like the fact that they're not trying to glam it all up. the pictures are in low resolution and many of the "designs" comes with documentation of people wearing the glasses (and we're not talking about styled up models here..)

"Your favorite birthday boy or girl will love the feeling your birthday gift will give them! It makes them feel extra special and full of joy. You'll love the photographs from the birthday party -- just look how much this guy loved his glasses! So much fun!"

lol these here are so horrible! yet they're pretty hot at the same time..
or maybe just horrible. oh I cant deside..

not exactly martin Margiela but it's a lot cheaper (looks a lot cheaper too..)

These here might be a bit too cool (like a SF electro band on Bigstereo or something.)
but I think the pair with the seagull is simple and sweet. Probably easy to DIY though.. just glue on some funny buttons from the nearest textile shop.

I hate it when people wear stupid xmas merch at xmastime. but I think it's kinda cool if you wear it in the off seasons...

charity glasses..

..or you could go even further over the top.. like with these glasses from sea shell city

They Live movie trailer


Bergen - no complaints!

Then we were back in bergen! last year we played at Strædet (rip - brb) but this time Paulo Araya asked us to come and play at Fincken, an old (but recently renovated ) gaybar were Paulo has started this new club concept wich seems really cool. and besides which better way to celebrate the equal marriage law that finally has been approved here in Norway.
Fincken is ofcourse open for all you heteros too, so if your in Bergen, weather your straight or gay, pop by for a dance and a drink (or many more). And say hi to Paulo from us. He and the owner Mr. Steinar Aagensen has been such sweethearts and treated us like VIPs the whole trip! (so that set our new standard for future gigs! lol)

Getting ready for the party in Bergen botanical garden.
Bergen city was really green and smelled like flowers, unlike oslo that mostly smell like catpiss and junkfood..

here is some jelly shots that we made to buy ourselves some friends at the party.

Party @ FINCKEN! ! !

hope anyone will show up...!

Afterparty near the lake

we all had a great night and what wouldnt be a better
way to end it than to chill out with our friends out
in the open air. some of us even advanced to some gymnastics..(!)

Oh I'm pretty sure we'll be back soon. Bergen is such a friendly town.
and guess what, Cyberpuppy and her boyfriend are moving there
this fall.
so take good care of them!

meanwhile, enjoy this paradisio-ish summer ballad by our boy
Daniel Jerome!

My best friend '08 - Daniel Jerome

lots of love XXX



allo allo! busy working in kindergarden all day, and working the door @ night!
well kids enjoy yur wknd, this pic of me anno 84 and theese videoes from german planningtorock.

ps. she will play in bergen and stavanger @ ekko and NUMUSIC in september...



well done!

...I'll leave the more fancy partypics-part too alenemor13


my birthday, photobooth-blog part one

Well hello
I'm about to install my birdnest in me and Sjurs livingroom, and during the day other friends of mine will drop by with a piece of some kind. So you're all welcome tonight, it's gonna be an exhibition (curated by me with through sms and facebook...) and hm, yeah, I think it's gonna be great

But it's still early morning (isn't it?)
and I kinda just want to sit here, 2 depressed 2 get dressed (but Henrik is on his way, with presents...)