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Bergen - no complaints!

Then we were back in bergen! last year we played at Strædet (rip - brb) but this time Paulo Araya asked us to come and play at Fincken, an old (but recently renovated ) gaybar were Paulo has started this new club concept wich seems really cool. and besides which better way to celebrate the equal marriage law that finally has been approved here in Norway.
Fincken is ofcourse open for all you heteros too, so if your in Bergen, weather your straight or gay, pop by for a dance and a drink (or many more). And say hi to Paulo from us. He and the owner Mr. Steinar Aagensen has been such sweethearts and treated us like VIPs the whole trip! (so that set our new standard for future gigs! lol)

Getting ready for the party in Bergen botanical garden.
Bergen city was really green and smelled like flowers, unlike oslo that mostly smell like catpiss and junkfood..

here is some jelly shots that we made to buy ourselves some friends at the party.

Party @ FINCKEN! ! !

hope anyone will show up...!

Afterparty near the lake

we all had a great night and what wouldnt be a better
way to end it than to chill out with our friends out
in the open air. some of us even advanced to some gymnastics..(!)

Oh I'm pretty sure we'll be back soon. Bergen is such a friendly town.
and guess what, Cyberpuppy and her boyfriend are moving there
this fall.
so take good care of them!

meanwhile, enjoy this paradisio-ish summer ballad by our boy
Daniel Jerome!

My best friend '08 - Daniel Jerome

lots of love XXX

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we love fashion sa...

Velkomen til Bergen Cyper Puppy! Kjekt! B:)

cyber puppy sa...

takk. jeg er livredd. men det er jo fremtida som gjelder.

andy hotpants sa...

nei det er det ei. det er nåtia som gjelder