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We're Rollin' - They're Hatin'

For post-Dungeons and Dragons J.R.R. Tolkien-chic
check this out!


The meaning of life

I have been rather uninspired lately.. been skipping school, havent washed my hair for ages. I forget to eat. I forget to fall asleep, and when I finally do, I forget to wake up. yes, my life is slowly turning into an old Greenday song.

well, I desided to search for a meaning of it all. The meaning of life, you might say.
It didnt get me far Im afraid.. it did however bring me to this danish arts and crafts site for seniors 50+ For some reason I often end up at these arts and crafts sites whenever I mess around in cyberspace.. (there's a lot of lovely things out there. )

I just bought myself a brand new sewingmachine, so I thought I'd look around for some patterns. I'd really want to sew myself a Christopher Kane replica (I mean, how hard can that be..?)

my heart skipped a beat when I noticed one of the link said Diddl sewing patterns from diddle4you.dk. could it be true??

no it could not. What welcomed my eyes was this sad message that the site had to close down due to legal matters.. copyrights and such...oh man it suck!

oh well keep on livin'...

I kill my own time

Ok, I've been away from skool for a long while now, missing out on lots of useful technics'n'stuff, so today i decided to go to skool late afternoon to develop a film i exposed last night, trying to get to know a Hasselblad cam. The entire film is shot by me, with my BF on the other side of the camera. (nothing cheezy, slutty or pornographic, just plain late nite fun.) Well, I must admit that I have been quite lazy processing my own films, I tend to pay a lab 2 do it 4 me, so im not the steadiest on this thing, BUT TODAY! Today everything went super fine, from putting the film on that spiral-thing (dont know the english words for this) to measure up all the chemicals, to get the water hold the right temprature, to time everything. I was painfully accurate, and it was painfully fun and easy. So, when I was done with the fixing part, I opened the tank and grabbed the film, only to see it was
TOTALLY BLANK! All blank except for the numbers, printing and the barcode. (If I can remember right, this means I processed it correct, it has to be something with the camera).

All I can say is FUCKIT. I try to be a good student, but all I get is all this disapointment.

p.s. for those of you who knows how to process your own films, know that it takes for ages. Like 2 hours or something, before it's ready to use in the darkroom, so im sure you know how I feel.

Well. Enuff of this diary. Ill leave you this pic by Juergen Teller, cuz im a photography student and therefore I should like him. (and I do) while Im biking down to Spasibar to catch YACHT's liveshow. He is great. you should all come.

youtube-bloggers - KEEP IT SHORT, KEEP IT WEIRD!

fuck it's getting dark, and I do my best making pancakes, using scarfs and talking on the phone a few hours a day...but in the end, it's short youtube-videos like these that saves my day:




Michel Gondry is going to do the music-video for Björks upcoming single “Declare Independence” (their seventh together). It's a protest-song written for Greenland and the Faroe Islands (!!!)
I hope Michel makes this a live performance-video somehow...just picture the green lazers, the reactable!, the Bernhard Willhelm-outfits, the tribal-inspired neon-makeup and the brass-girls all together with Michels moving scenography...During her current world-tour the song has given "Pluto" competition as her most epic live-song, here from Glastonbury this summer:

While we wait for whatever the two will come up with, we can enjoy Michels new Motorola-ad:

but this must be my favorite of his, and probably the first commercial I can remember (yess, I was VERY into mermaids when I was young...)

Bernhard Willhelm interview in BUTT

He's HOT! Allready read the interview? Well, it's about seven years old and published in the fabulous "Butt book" published by Taschen, so I guess your not alone...if not, check it out!

BUTT: Give us some tips on seducing a guy.

BW: "Looky Looky

Fucky Fucky

Only 5 dollars!"

If only more designer-interviews could be like this, and not about picturing Sienna Miller on the beach blablabla...

photo by Wolfgang Tillmans


Blog party - behind the scenes

People have asked us where we bought all the big letters from. Well, D.I.Y

We spent alot of time and money, and got great help from Sara Karamell


punk vs. junk

today i was walking around Oslo when i heard the noise from a demonstration so I walked towards the sound just to see the oslo punks marching for better housing condtions etc etc bla bla... then i noticed some sex pistols ads on the other side of the street, and i was like what what? so i crossed the street and kind of joined in at the demo at the back of the demo ralley where all the old punks walked with their designer babytrollies. HAH. but then i noticed that the sex pistols ads were not a part of the demo, but ads in a window in a store called hunting lodge. actually one of the stores i wanted to check out while in oslo.sooooooo whats the moddafokking point? ummm. that punks made me go shopping?? shop till ya drop. and i kind of liked hunting lodge. i found a supreme sweatshirt i wanted but it cost 1750,- and some Alife& Vans Half Cabs--- sooo i guess if I had been a punk i would just have stolen it and mixed in with the demo although i guess a purple sweater and shoes would kind of have given me away... purple is not very PUNK is it? maybe more like FUNK? or CRUNK? or DRUNK????

No.9 i Exil presents exhibition “Killingvildevonkrogh” @ Basement 33
Schweigaardsgt.33 Oslo

sat.27 October from kl.19.00.

12.oo – 16.oo tuesday – sunday

Demontage closing saturday 17. November.

Over 40 artists, performance, concert, DJ`s and bar.

Kristine Afacan, Kaja Andersen, Christian A. Bould, Marianne Bredesen, Lene Berg, Kåre Magnus Bergh, Mikael Damstuen Brkic, Leander Djønne, Kristian Dahl, Tora Dalseng, Simen Dyrhaug, Matias Faldbakken, Ivan Galuzin, Lise Marie Hassel, Anne Helland, Daniel Howlid, Johannes Høye, Steinar Kristensen, Vilde von Krogh, Lars Kjemphol, Hjørdis Kurås, Josefine Lyche, Linda Steffensen Lerseth, Anders daMonso, Argemiro Mendez, Linn A. Pedersen, Asle Lauvland Pettersen, Hanne Rivrud, Charlotte Piene Røed, Marie Svindt, Andreas Skjelde, Marthe Elise Stramrud, Vemund Thoe, Karolin Tampere, Kjersti Vetterstad, Halvor Valle, Monica Winther, Synnøve G. Wetten, Dominik Wysocki, Jorunn Øgstad, Munan Øverlid, Børre Sæthre, Line Solberg Dolmen

yeah me and Cyber puppy is amongst them, and we're ging to do a live performanc/concert
with some occult factors since its close to halloween. It might turn out to be really crap but maybe a bit fun too.
strobe lights, thunder, and gravelights, are some of the ingredients...


Angora oh-ah!

I've been wanting an angora sweater for a little while now but haven't found just the right one yet. I want one a bit kitchy/ and a bit classic.


Louis Vuitton


the louis vuitton and the Dsquared one seems like a good fit, but the colours are wrong.
I want one that is more pastel or cream-ish.. maybe with a motif. like a cat or something..
(I think it would look great with my matte-black lamé leggings from American Apparel )

well, anywayz. in my search for the sweater of my dreams I came across this AMAZING site called angora knit for you their slogan is : "We get people excited about angora! "
and yes, they really do!

OMG! I really like the colours of these two sweaters, just wish they had a better fit.
I guess I 'll have to send Grandma some pictures and ask her to please make me some kind of hybrid between these different angora knits.

**oh but just check out the site... its worth your while. I'm gonna wear this coat next time I'm at a Lord of the rings camp...lol

And for the boyz, the Prada sweaters are really cute too!

suburbia tunnel-house!

Artists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck shows us how to take advantage of what's just waiting to be demolished...And I guess this installation got the same debate as with Rachel Whitereads "House" (and any other temporary installation): "should we destroy this, or keep it as a tourist attraction?"...

Anyway, it's another great example of how artists can vitalize and inspire a rather dull neighbourhood with just construction and found material
source: designverb

Rachel Whitereads amazing "House"

BIFF and a movie about ART, LOVE and LIFE

I had planned to write something about this years winner of the best documentary at BIFF, Forever

which the jury described as a movie about all things important in life, like art, love bla bla bla, but then I realized that the best documentary I had seen at BIFF this year was a movie called:

Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade

This movie is also about all things important...like art, love and life in general with added thems such as hate, nerds, trailertrash and VIDEO GAMES!!!!

Forever was a nice movie, dont get me wrong, but who wanna hear about peoples relationships towards Proust, Chopin, Morrisson etc etc when you can see people playing Earth Intruders and Pacman??????

Peace, Love and Death Metal

2depressed2getdressed <3 fanart

We made stunning visuals for our gig at Strædet, with lots of pictures ripped from stars-portraits.com. But unfortently nobody could see them bacause, well...long story...but we'll use them next time!
Any favourites? Look out for Lene Marlin and Gollum...

the smiley =) is common in Scandinavia and Finland where the keys for = and ) are placed right beside each other and both need the use of the shift key.

Roisin Murphy!

Damn! Every piece from last season that editors (anna wintour...) thought nobody would or could wear, Rosin have bought (or at least used for promotional-pictures and musicvideos)...and it looks stunning! Check out:

We all know the feeling...you've spent hours preparing a fantastic outfit, maybe a little bit crazy, but it's friday. So you've danced, spilled beer all over yourself and it's time to go home...(people yelling "uhu-gareth pugh" after you)

"Let Me Know"
I really liked the two latest Martin Margiela-collections, and Roisin make those shoulders look great with that round hat and pink gloves. And I love the way it just start with that one spotlight, then the disco-ceiling and then the lazers...I always dance during breakfast

I guess Roisin always had a good sence of style, and most of the Moloko-videos where pretty good ("The time is now", "Familiar feelings", "Pure pleasure seeker", "Forever more")...but when it comes to the music, I don't find it THAT exciting...who knows, maybe there'll be great remixes (at least Richard X is supposed to have prodused some of the tracks on "Overpowerd")


The blog party-visuals!

that nobody saw...but here they are!

Kim Jones favorites

I found out that not everybody have a user-profile on youtube. I find it very usefull, there I can ad favorites and friends and subscribe to the profiles I like. Today I stumbled across the brilliant British menswear-designer Kim Jones profile on youtube, and who would have known: he has almost the same favourites as me. I know (from his myspace-profile) that he's into animals, so the hilarious clip of a sneezing panda and Mariko Takahashi's weird poodle-Fitness Video was no surprise. A little Grace Jones and Pavarotti here, and some Kate Moss paparazzi footage there…and what about Karl Lagerfeld kissing a woman? Like us, Kim is obsessed with miserable celebrity moments (not that kissing a woman or performing with Pavarotti is that)

As you can tell by his designs, there’s a lot of 80snostalgia, and not just Alexis and Krystles ultimate catfight, there’s lot of 80s catwalkfootage. And I must say that I’m stunned, they look fantastic! And that’s not cause I romanticise the period (I was in diapers those days anyway), but the styling and combinations in for example the Pam Hogg-collections are amazing! It’s also fun too see which videos from current designers he’s added (check out the sexy, though banned gonzoporn-inspired Calvin Klein ads!)

Anyway, I’m not going to analyse this any further. I just wanted to blog about it since 2depressed2getdressed is about to get its own youtube-account now. And it’s an excuse to write about Kim Jones, who nobody writes about nowadays (
check out his website, it has videos of nearly all his shows). He's got great humour anyway.

I’ll end with a rare clip of Laurie Anderson, performing at a short-lived TV show called "The New Show"


B.L.O.G.P.A.R.T.Y ! ! ! @ Strædet

pre-party, these letters took us like two weeks to make...


getting ready

Sjur was dressed "2depressed". we loved it!

Anna danced all the time, kudos!

hey, easy with those, sjur!

hey, Mr. DJ

Frode has a nice mustache. Frode likes movies.

Bia came by :-)

Anette (to the left) also has a blog. its called Bassopower . she is from Ålesund...

Henning is the most indiegrainforestmotherfucker out there... he is going to be a lawyer but before that he saves the kids montly with his club Moonlight Affair, and this friday it is fullmoon. auuuuuuuuuwwwwwww

P.A.R.T.Y later it spelt R A P. fun & games.

5 year olds dressing up

back 2 back 4 ever


she is working in a bank but is a singersongwriter. singersongwriters also smiles and dances to britney

party people

wtf is this?? I guess it must be a Britney song blasting... but whats up with the Kylie moves?


crew pose

Anna with her lovely dress (really a skirt) that kept falling down...

Daniel (lovely cleavage)

yeah, thats a good idea..


someone's got to clean up

Bergen was fun!