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Harald and Foxhunting and imperialism.

I met our friend Harald last saturday. He looked pretty awesome, as if he was ready to go foxhunting or something, in his riding boots, nice strict coat and wool caps (I really love his hat.) and really white hair.

I didnt have my camera with me so I didnt get the chance to take a picture but he promise to send one. (send one Harald.)

For all u who didnt know, Harald isnt doing much foxhunting, but infact, is studying fashion design in the UK, and you'll be seeing alot more of him, and his clothes soon, I can asure you!

( he also know all the cool designers in London now, after working as an intern at Siv Støldal this summer..!) oh man..

But yeah well, I like that look.
Im not too crazy about foxhunting tho.. and not really the biggest imperialism fan either.. but the 07 fall collection from ballenciaga makes it really work.

This skirt kinda reminds me of that blue and white dutch porcelaine.. I like dutch porcelaine. u know

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

herregud, det er du og ca en MILLION andre "mote-blogger" som kommenterer den jævla Balenciaga kolleksjonen.GET OVER IT,KIDS!shhheslouiz!

Cyber puppy 007 sa...

anonym; shut up and get a life. Nobody does it like alenmor13. comparing it to foxhunting and imperialism. Blog-journalism at its best! and yeh... at least be brave enuff to write yr name behind statements like that. w0000t w00t!

depressed christmas tree sa...

det er en grunn til at en million blogger om Balenciaga, og ja, registrer deg med et navn

ænd kip it in inglish vill ja