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The meaning of life

I have been rather uninspired lately.. been skipping school, havent washed my hair for ages. I forget to eat. I forget to fall asleep, and when I finally do, I forget to wake up. yes, my life is slowly turning into an old Greenday song.

well, I desided to search for a meaning of it all. The meaning of life, you might say.
It didnt get me far Im afraid.. it did however bring me to this danish arts and crafts site for seniors 50+ For some reason I often end up at these arts and crafts sites whenever I mess around in cyberspace.. (there's a lot of lovely things out there. )

I just bought myself a brand new sewingmachine, so I thought I'd look around for some patterns. I'd really want to sew myself a Christopher Kane replica (I mean, how hard can that be..?)

my heart skipped a beat when I noticed one of the link said Diddl sewing patterns from diddle4you.dk. could it be true??

no it could not. What welcomed my eyes was this sad message that the site had to close down due to legal matters.. copyrights and such...oh man it suck!

oh well keep on livin'...

3 kommentarer:

deprimert julatre sa...

ah diddle...the constant blushing little rat...

dekadent sa...

Diddle can go cry.

There are loads of forums where you may share your loss of meaning with fellow intellectual or semi-intellectual world citizens. If you are interested, that is. How about http://lifeforum.conforums.com/. How about not.

alenemor13 sa...

thank you.