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OK we're clumsy. Or is it just bad luck?

Last weekend was a tuff one. Too much alkohol and too little common sense made both Deprimert julatre and me into two total wrecks. I dunno the whole story about my co-blogger but from what I heard he fell down some real scary, steep metal stairs at a afterparty @ a galery last saturday. (for those of you who know Galuzin, or YG6 as its called now, know what kind of stairs im talkin'bout. Some scary shit when your head is spinning from alkoholabuse or whatever it is yr feeding into yr poor bodies..) Apparantly he cant sleep @ night caused by some serious back-pain. BTW, this is the second time he falls down those stairs. Time to find another place 4 afteparty?

As 4 me, (this was about the same time as Deprimert Julatre I think, as I left the YG6 party a bit before him) I was just up and running again after my knee/foot surgery, and I managed to beak my other leg! or knee! Jeez.

Here it goes: When, after beeing home drinking a bit, then @ upopulær drinking a lot, then @ YG6 partying even more, I found it smart 2 bike down to my BF, as he just finished work, for some makin' out and maybe some more drinks. I got myself down there in one piece, but when we started on our way home, I was on the back of the bike. He biked horrible fast, and I dunno what happened, either I just passed out 4 beeing so terrified b/c of the speed, or I hooked my foot on something in the road, n-e-way, there I was. rolling on the asphalt on ring1. My BF kept biking as he didnt notice me falling off. Haha. Well, I busted both me knees, one quite bad, (havent been able to wear clothes since saturday), my albow is PURPLEBLUE, bruces all over and got a bang on the head. I feel horrible.

Cross yr fingers 4 me going to Berg1 on friday. I hope I can walk normally, WITH clothes then.

Break a leg//Cyb pup.

3 kommentarer:

Ellinor Aurora sa...

lykke til på lørdag! heier på dere!

SjurX2 sa...

JEEZE LOUIZE. Stakkars kvinne... :-(

Håpe du får hinka deg ut på gardermoen fredag morgen. Har du prøvd rulleskøyter? Det hjelpe/hjelpe ikkje.

Get well soon!

Cyber puppy 007 sa...