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Kim Jones favorites

I found out that not everybody have a user-profile on youtube. I find it very usefull, there I can ad favorites and friends and subscribe to the profiles I like. Today I stumbled across the brilliant British menswear-designer Kim Jones profile on youtube, and who would have known: he has almost the same favourites as me. I know (from his myspace-profile) that he's into animals, so the hilarious clip of a sneezing panda and Mariko Takahashi's weird poodle-Fitness Video was no surprise. A little Grace Jones and Pavarotti here, and some Kate Moss paparazzi footage there…and what about Karl Lagerfeld kissing a woman? Like us, Kim is obsessed with miserable celebrity moments (not that kissing a woman or performing with Pavarotti is that)

As you can tell by his designs, there’s a lot of 80snostalgia, and not just Alexis and Krystles ultimate catfight, there’s lot of 80s catwalkfootage. And I must say that I’m stunned, they look fantastic! And that’s not cause I romanticise the period (I was in diapers those days anyway), but the styling and combinations in for example the Pam Hogg-collections are amazing! It’s also fun too see which videos from current designers he’s added (check out the sexy, though banned gonzoporn-inspired Calvin Klein ads!)

Anyway, I’m not going to analyse this any further. I just wanted to blog about it since 2depressed2getdressed is about to get its own youtube-account now. And it’s an excuse to write about Kim Jones, who nobody writes about nowadays (
check out his website, it has videos of nearly all his shows). He's got great humour anyway.

I’ll end with a rare clip of Laurie Anderson, performing at a short-lived TV show called "The New Show"