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Michel Gondry is going to do the music-video for Björks upcoming single “Declare Independence” (their seventh together). It's a protest-song written for Greenland and the Faroe Islands (!!!)
I hope Michel makes this a live performance-video somehow...just picture the green lazers, the reactable!, the Bernhard Willhelm-outfits, the tribal-inspired neon-makeup and the brass-girls all together with Michels moving scenography...During her current world-tour the song has given "Pluto" competition as her most epic live-song, here from Glastonbury this summer:

While we wait for whatever the two will come up with, we can enjoy Michels new Motorola-ad:

but this must be my favorite of his, and probably the first commercial I can remember (yess, I was VERY into mermaids when I was young...)

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