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doing our best

it's really hard to report from the Paris fashion week when you actually aren't there...there is style.com (who we all rip pictures from here on 2depressed) reporting every single collection, with backstage- and frontrowphotos, and even some video-reports. Then there is showstudio.com, represented by Penny Martin, where it's being reported live with mobilecameras, this year with a little help from hipster-idols Henry Holland and Agyness Deyn! (cyberpuppy have to colour her hair now...)
And then there's hintmag.com where you get funny backstagephotos viewed as a slideshow with music to join

so what more can we offer? nothing more than our personal favourites and views...and bad english, ofcourse

Agyness reporting backstage at the Viktor&Rolf-show, for showstudio.com

photo from Bernhard Willhelms last collection, taken from hintmag.com

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