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party like its a tuesday night!

I've noticed that party pictures is a big hit on these blogs.. and well I actually DO go to an photography school.. so I thought Id bring with me my compact cam when we went out last tuesday. But, oh well, the cam got messed up, and so did we after a few too many drinks....


I once saw this purple guy dancing in the street late at night, and then he saw me and I he yelled "k-grrl!" to me (k-grrl is my crappy musical project so I got really confused how he'd know about it) Tuesday night I talked to this guy and he admittet to be that purple fellow.
I'm happy that I finaly solved the mistery and we were all happy . It was a good night.


Mikaël and me

Natalie (I always laugh when I meet her)
This guy probably got better shots then we did, and he's also got a blogg

super-sweet Simona


Petterioops we did it again....and again and again...... at least Marthe /Cyber Puppy got her newly operated knee to blame..


swedish guytsk tsk

Michael and Tor Erik aka Deprimert julatre

(I just put this in coz I thought I looked kind of cute on this one..)

Matt invites you to Upopulær this saturday. Miss Odd kidd is playing, and our own Cyber Puppy is one of the people who is going to DJ. fun fun fun!


Carina and Kristina

Talking DJs? oh yeah and CSS were there, DJing.. but we only got pictures of our own drunk friends...


more beer..

giggles..Amir is a madman

2 drunk 2 get home..

5 kommentarer:

Cyber puppy 007 sa...

fantastisk kaja! likte spessielt det nederste, og det neste nederste. ved første øyekast trodde jeg det stod "Amir is a nordmann", haha. but talk about madman, sjekk ut meg nede i hjørnet da. takkskadduha lizzom.

deprimert julatre sa...

d va et jævelig bilde du la ud av meg, eg måtte sletta d med ein gang

og kor e d kule ryan mcginley-aktige-røykebildet?

andy hotpants sa...

fine bilder...haha eg fniste når eg leste kommentaren te marthe. hah.

men eg vil ha mer ass n titties te neste shoot

Lars-Kristian sa...

Takk for dennn!


Alisa sa...

agyness no. 2!