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I kill my own time

Ok, I've been away from skool for a long while now, missing out on lots of useful technics'n'stuff, so today i decided to go to skool late afternoon to develop a film i exposed last night, trying to get to know a Hasselblad cam. The entire film is shot by me, with my BF on the other side of the camera. (nothing cheezy, slutty or pornographic, just plain late nite fun.) Well, I must admit that I have been quite lazy processing my own films, I tend to pay a lab 2 do it 4 me, so im not the steadiest on this thing, BUT TODAY! Today everything went super fine, from putting the film on that spiral-thing (dont know the english words for this) to measure up all the chemicals, to get the water hold the right temprature, to time everything. I was painfully accurate, and it was painfully fun and easy. So, when I was done with the fixing part, I opened the tank and grabbed the film, only to see it was
TOTALLY BLANK! All blank except for the numbers, printing and the barcode. (If I can remember right, this means I processed it correct, it has to be something with the camera).

All I can say is FUCKIT. I try to be a good student, but all I get is all this disapointment.

p.s. for those of you who knows how to process your own films, know that it takes for ages. Like 2 hours or something, before it's ready to use in the darkroom, so im sure you know how I feel.

Well. Enuff of this diary. Ill leave you this pic by Juergen Teller, cuz im a photography student and therefore I should like him. (and I do) while Im biking down to Spasibar to catch YACHT's liveshow. He is great. you should all come.

5 kommentarer:

Lars-Kristian sa...

blank filmrolls sucks, I know the deal.. but not with that camera.

amalie sa...

au, den va litt kjibe

nesten nesten sånn at eg har lyst å gje deg sympatikudos

men fy faen kor ekkelt det hadde verrt om eg hadde sagt det


Cyber puppy 007 sa...

apparantly it was the aparture who was fuct. gonna try again today.

deprimert julatre sa...

Juergen Teller is nice. Seen his photos of Laura Dern in W-magazine?
- stunning!

marte sa...

marthe.... marthe....

jeg skal vise deg hvordan man fremkaller film... aah, tenk om det var sant, at jeg visste hviordan man gjorde det.