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Hussein Chalayan does it again!

He always put on the most suprising shows, and speaking of the Jetsons, if somebody truly belive in taking futuristic fashion a step futher, Hussein Chalayan is the man. Last year he created a indoor tornado on the Paris catwalk, he have turned a coffetable into a dress, made clothes in paper and aluminium. The last two seasons he've used robot-technology, with a videoscreen-dress last year. This season the collection is inspired by celebrity-workshipping. It's presented as video made in collaboration with Nick Knight, showstudio.com and Antony (from & The Johnsons). He's beyond fashion and trends, seriously. Come on, as Björk once said in a interview:

"He raises daily life to a level of something magical, he was born with these powers and it is a question of whether 50,000 business people are willing to go there with him"

(let's hope she'll use that laser-dress on a award-cermony soon)

and by the way, why doesen't people talk more about the simple, but great hats he have done lately?

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