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Angora oh-ah!

I've been wanting an angora sweater for a little while now but haven't found just the right one yet. I want one a bit kitchy/ and a bit classic.


Louis Vuitton


the louis vuitton and the Dsquared one seems like a good fit, but the colours are wrong.
I want one that is more pastel or cream-ish.. maybe with a motif. like a cat or something..
(I think it would look great with my matte-black lamé leggings from American Apparel )

well, anywayz. in my search for the sweater of my dreams I came across this AMAZING site called angora knit for you their slogan is : "We get people excited about angora! "
and yes, they really do!

OMG! I really like the colours of these two sweaters, just wish they had a better fit.
I guess I 'll have to send Grandma some pictures and ask her to please make me some kind of hybrid between these different angora knits.

**oh but just check out the site... its worth your while. I'm gonna wear this coat next time I'm at a Lord of the rings camp...lol

And for the boyz, the Prada sweaters are really cute too!

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dekadent sa...

must admit I'm not too excited about those angora sweaters, they remind me a little too much of a terrible pillowcase I managed to knit for my best friends birthday once. it was a delicious purple with some very eyecatching glittering details (wonder if she still has it).

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