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Today I got both good news and bad news. The bad one is that my toilet will be out of order for one week! The good part is that the reason my toilet will be out of order is that my landlord are finally installing a shower in my bathroom. I think I'll manage to find alternative toilets for
one week if it means I never have to go down all the stairs and into the basement in the bulding next door when I need a shower, anymore! These months in my new place has been rather un-healthy when it comes to hygiene... But I guess Im asking for it when I decide to live in a studio/atelier with no kitchen or real bathroom.

pic by Nan Goldin 'Simon and Jessica in the shower',
Paris 2001.

N-E-Way, one week from now, Ill be known as good smelling, fresh Cyb. Pup, not the funny-smelling one Ive been for two months now. (dont get me wrong...I HAVE showered these months, just not every day as I used to before. Its just such a struggle to go all the way down in the basement in the building next door every night. And the shower down there is not exactly the freshest one, with ant-invasion and everything.) uh, life of an artist, hard to live sometime. LOL!

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geir sa...

simon goldin is a hottie! and a good artist as well!!!! check it!

deprimert julatre sa...

d e kjekt å pissa i vasken