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Im ready - 2 - wear

This is totally superficial and there's nothing shocking or new about it, but I think I (or anyone else) would look real good in these outfits never the less..

but then again, I've got Minnie Mouse as a style icon.

I love it! the shape of those tops, the colours, the accessories...

I always wanted to be a techno-babe, and those sunglases are PERFECT, especially now, the post facebook/flickr days.

its a bit tacky? I know, and I guess we're all tired of soccer socks thanx to Avril Lavigne
but there's something quirky and fun about this outfit. I think I would listen to this girl's band (at least for a week or so..) and I think it might be time for a soccer sock revival. Or what do you think?

A bit boring, a bit cool. Gray and silver looks good together, and I know deprimert julatre agrees!

I love this combination. I like the casuality of the sweater with those shorts and nothing say "I dont care" more, than black and dark blue together
+ the model is kinda hot..

this coat look like my old raincoat. I'll try wear it next time I hit town.

Simple but not boring. And, oh well.. I have a lipstick to match..

I wish I could pull off something like this. but I always end up messing it up, and looking like a depressed xmastree..

Oh hell, this is swell! It looks like a fashion sketch just came alive and started walking down the catwalk. Buy me one please, and take me to a prom. I've never been to one.

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