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punk vs. junk

today i was walking around Oslo when i heard the noise from a demonstration so I walked towards the sound just to see the oslo punks marching for better housing condtions etc etc bla bla... then i noticed some sex pistols ads on the other side of the street, and i was like what what? so i crossed the street and kind of joined in at the demo at the back of the demo ralley where all the old punks walked with their designer babytrollies. HAH. but then i noticed that the sex pistols ads were not a part of the demo, but ads in a window in a store called hunting lodge. actually one of the stores i wanted to check out while in oslo.sooooooo whats the moddafokking point? ummm. that punks made me go shopping?? shop till ya drop. and i kind of liked hunting lodge. i found a supreme sweatshirt i wanted but it cost 1750,- and some Alife& Vans Half Cabs--- sooo i guess if I had been a punk i would just have stolen it and mixed in with the demo although i guess a purple sweater and shoes would kind of have given me away... purple is not very PUNK is it? maybe more like FUNK? or CRUNK? or DRUNK????