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ready for Bergen...

I bought these classic Vikings, slightly inspired by Batlak & Selvig, who's collection "Sophomore (drop out)" I was lucky enough to witness at Oslo Fashion Week this august:

I know I probably should bring you (our 14 readers) a good report from it with my very own mobilephone-snaps and stuff, but when those forteen year old redheads dressed in paperhats started running down the catwalk with Billy Corgan squealing in the background, I just forgot everything. And that's a good thing, isn't it? I know you've probably read alot about them allready, and I guess it's more to come. But since I actually saw "Sophomore" from a five meters distance, I just want to confirm that yess, they get it. Their attention to casting of models and catwalk-coreography is actually way more interesting than anything I saw on style.com recently...and now they are working for the house that produced my favourite collection from Milan this autumn. Can't wait for next season!

Speaking of sophomore, here's Kelis with her underrated "Young, Fresh n' New"
(look out for Heidi Klum and Pharrell)

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