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on catwalk-presentations, spring 08 and blablabla

Since I'm a boy I never ask myself if I would look good in this or that gown...I focus on the presentation, the research, textures and the sculptural aspects of the clothes...for example, I didn't like the Alexander McQueen-collection at all. I think his refrences to china, egypt whatever is dull and has little relavance to, ehm, "modern living"...But come on, that bird made out of fluorescent lights totaly kicked ass:

But you don't need a big light installation, doing the whole presentation backward (like
Marc Jacobs), or simply just fuck it all up with clown-makeup and total caos like Rei Kawakubo for Comme Des Garcons can be enough
I guess I'm kinda bored of collaborations beetween artists and designers...Prada disappointed me with those Art Nouveau-reffrences (by the way, ThreeAsfour does those curved seams in a much more interesting way), but the shoes where (as always) stand outs.
But there must be a better way to give clothes (I hate this term) "arty" feel than to just print Richard Prince paintings on some bags and dress Naomi Campbell as a nurse...Then I think Dolce & Gabbana (supricenly enough) pulled it of much better with their experiments with
hand-painted fabrics. Fashion is a language of it's own, and sure we all gets inspired by different disciplines, but I think one should try to keep the inspirations just a little bit subtle...

But if I WAS a girl with lots of money, well, I guess I would go for Balenciaga, this season too. Just cause I know H&M won't be able to copy this one either. I always go for what's
tickling my curiosity AND looks abit ugly at the same time...cause honestly, it will take a year for these clothes to get to the store...there's no rush, we have plenty of time to get used to shoulder pads...

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BarnmedHenrik sa...

You don't need to be a girl to look good in Balenciaga, the vision of you made my pants wet.