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She likes weed, wine and wankers

Come party with us in Oslo this saturday! Upopulær is throwing a party with Miss Odd Kidd on the stage! Cyber puppy 007 will b behind the dexx together with matt & wenche later on. B sure to b there early this time, cuz Miss Odd Kidd is entering the stage at 23:000 sharp!

This grrl makes UK grime/'lektrorap and is often compared with artists like lady sov and goldielocks, only they say she is tighter, so dont miss out! Here is a a few mp3's to get you all stoked:

Miss Odd Kidd - Dont Be Afraid to sweat
Miss Odd Kidd - Weed, wine and wankers
Miss Odd Kidd - party trixx (feat. Akira the don)

(bigstereo/missingtoof has both sweet remixes from SLUTT mm. of these tunes, go search).

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