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Roisin Murphy!

Damn! Every piece from last season that editors (anna wintour...) thought nobody would or could wear, Rosin have bought (or at least used for promotional-pictures and musicvideos)...and it looks stunning! Check out:

We all know the feeling...you've spent hours preparing a fantastic outfit, maybe a little bit crazy, but it's friday. So you've danced, spilled beer all over yourself and it's time to go home...(people yelling "uhu-gareth pugh" after you)

"Let Me Know"
I really liked the two latest Martin Margiela-collections, and Roisin make those shoulders look great with that round hat and pink gloves. And I love the way it just start with that one spotlight, then the disco-ceiling and then the lazers...I always dance during breakfast

I guess Roisin always had a good sence of style, and most of the Moloko-videos where pretty good ("The time is now", "Familiar feelings", "Pure pleasure seeker", "Forever more")...but when it comes to the music, I don't find it THAT exciting...who knows, maybe there'll be great remixes (at least Richard X is supposed to have prodused some of the tracks on "Overpowerd")

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Vanja sa...

Murphy rocks my world!

I love the V&R outfit!