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CSS + Spasibar + too much to drink

ok so I tried to commit suicide at the toilet (i'm the depressed christmas tree you know...), but I guess it was a nice night at Spasibar. CSS played some tunes I have planned for Bergen (Gary Numan, The Human League and, well, Nelly Furtado...)
pictures coming up
alenemor13 is working on it

by the way, thumbs up to that swede who made out with me. you where kinda nice

and hey, that guy oin CSS thought I was funny and bought me a beer. That was like so cool

4 kommentarer:

Rettskrivning Polizei sa...

I want to BUY myself a beer.
Yesterday a nice dude from CSS BOUGHT me a beer.

andy hotpants sa...

ein zwei drei we all hate the rettskrinings polizei...

og.. scroll DEI neråver på owr blogz ænd les posten om det nye verdenspråget biatch

deprimert julatre sa...

fy faen i helvede fårr någen bildår

Anonym sa...

ååh. du e finest.