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on webstores, "readings" and such...

Hussein Chalayan says he did a video for the spring 08-collection “Readings” cause it makes it accessible for a much bigger audience via the Internet (even though it looks like websites such as hintmag.com and style.com refuses to report on it).
Actually, Nick Knight replied on my theory that Hussein does this too save money after the last two spectacular shows:

In reply to Tor Erik:
"I know this was a factor ,but as he told me at the time he wanted to find a new way of showing his collection and he was excited by the ability to show his clothes in front of a much larger audience."

Showstudio.com have provided lots of alternative ways to interact with clothes using an impressive range of contributors, the website-forum and blog and it’s visitors. Check out “the sounds of clothes”-projects; watch the movies and notice how you actually “feel” the clothes when you hear the sound! Headphones are recommended!

I hope web stores take notes. A video (with sound!) of each garment provides a much more tactile impression of the movement, weight and textures. And when apple will develop touchscreen as standard on everything, we’ll maybe be able to “touch” the buttons and zippers to check out the inside and so on…

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