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what happend to the new millenium?

fuck it. this is not a post about the enviromental crisis we will face when china just contiune to drive cars neither a post about the melting of the poles... and its not a post about me celebrating my 24th bdays yesterday by drinking 2 bottles of cava neither a post about paris fashion week....

this is a post about the Jetsons. one of my favourite cartoons when i was a kid and i used to think that after the year 2000 i would travel around in a capsle like they do in the show. and have a robot and everything. boooooo. it was first broadcasted in 1962 the famous year as it marked the start of the sixtieeeeesss.


yorkie fever

did you know that Barbie had a yorkie too? miss honey.
anywayz ... I like this look.

trenchcoat and jackets from top shop (I was looking for the one they've used in their ads lately.. green and blue plaid... couldn't find it tho..)

still life (I love the brown and blue one)

Marc by Marc Jacobs (cute 'ey?)

Sandstorm (got these from men.style.com)

I've told about this one here before.. u can by it at petshopgirls.no


great store in London, with Bernhard Willhelm, Siv Støldal, Bless and Peter Jensen represented
They have a online-store too, but mostly with shoes

Personally I like this shirt with elastic waist from Siv Støldal:
(it looks abit stupid on this pic because of, well, bad modell. His shoulders are too short for wearing shirts)

Balenciaga mens Fall 07

more menswear on 2depressed2getdressed? I'm working on it!
The fall07 collection from Balenciaga is inspired by Helmut Berger, Kurt Cobain, Darth Vader, and Roald Amundsen...hm...

Prada spring 08

whatever you do today, wear red

Umbro by Kim Jones

Sportswear with nice details

from shotgun.tv

roll up your trousers, show your socks!

Junya Watanabe spring 08

It's sexy. A norwegian muse for this look? Sverre Holm as Benny in "Olsenbanden"

Peter Jensen spring 08

Comme Des Garcons Shirt x Fred Perry

get it at Dover Street Markets e-shop

minimalism at it's best.

Jil Sander spring 2008
but I guess it just looks good on 16year-old models


check out Seven New York!

cyberpuppy in space-poodle-dress maybe?

wouldn't alenemor13 look cute in this guitar woolen sweater-dress from Jeremy Scott?

any voluntary sugardaddy out there?

should I buy this?

available at Hunting Lodge
It looked really good on me, and I could need something graphic now since I've just been wearing filippa-k lately...now discuss!

Damn! That's Universal!

Iz been a while since I've been getting sum new music these days, but when I woke up, like just now, I felt like some new bouncy traxx to get me started this new day. I surely need that when I hump around my moms house on crutches, and all my friends is in Oslo, prob stoked abt. Famijien's gig @ Blå tonite. (I dunno abt. this MTV-queeny DJ'ing, but whatdahell...) Smuglesning.no is opening, as a alternative to Natt & Dag. (long story, not really interessted.)

N-E-WAY! I woke up, and I got into the hood internet's site (havent visited their site since june I think...ooops), and what did I find? This brilliant mashup between The Go! team & Keyshia cole! Iz a brilliant pop-tune. Sum drums, sum rapping, some soul, sum guitars, sume Go-team-singing(yelling). Good tune to wake up for on a thursday. Rrrrriiiiight?

Ok. So you guys, I'll post this one track, and then I'll leave it up to you, to go and freshen up your Hooodinternet-traxxx on their site. They have;

Jens Lekman vs. R Kelly
Chromeo vs. Missy Elliot
Justice VS. Destinys child
GZA VS. Sonic youth
De la Soul VS. Jamie Lidell

Paris Hilton VS. Petey Pablo

and lottsa lotssa more! So get on with dat downing and jumping!

XoX Cyb Pup with that license to kill.


P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" is a hit single from Michael Jackson's 1982 hit album Thriller.

Patterson Beckwith/Art club 2000

...er en New York-basert fotograf, som hadde selvpresentasjon på skolen min forrige uke. Noe av de siste jeg fikk med meg før jeg havna på sykehuset. Patterson er godt kjent over hele Nord America og Europa. Han er nå lærer på Otis College of Art and Design i L.A. og på Cooper Union N.Y. Han har organisert seminarer med titler som "How to dress for success in the artworld" (feat. en art-star makeover) og "Cooking for art-stars".

Cloe vanner plantene sine for P. Beckwith

P. B. icenesetter seg selv som/kopierer et foto av, Cindy Sherman.

Beckwith var også med i Art Club 2000, formet i 1992 i samarbeid med Colin de Land. Art Club 2000 var en gruppe av syv unge (19-ish) kunststudenter fra Cooper Union som samarbeidet om prosjekter hovedskalig rundt fotografi/skulptur, hvor de etterforsket og gravde frem "møkk" fra systemer og institusjoner inkludert; the Gap, Ikea, New York Real Estate og fashion.

Art Club 2000. Untitled. (video interviews with Artist on the year 1970). 1997

De fotoene jeg liker best fra Art Club 2000, var veldig små, så u better checkitout yrself på

Ok. Goodnite Ya'll. Gidder ikke skrive alt det er her på Engelsk også. Sjekk forresten ut en ny street-style side fra Oslo, søte små piker som har den. De har allerede stoppa både Natalie og Pål på gata, hvilket lyder bra.


The child killer of the flies

allo allo!!! today on the first day of the week i will recommend you guys a fine album!!!

L'Enfant assassin des mouches by Jean-Claude Vannier is his first solo album. he also worked with mr gainsbourg etc etc bla bla bla. buy it or download. its fun and scary at the same time!!! wohoo. hope little pubby will be ok soon! love from bergen!!!

read more about the child killer of the flies here :


and a video since we are the tv nation_



Last night, when I was at my most fragile, my friend Marte came, slightly drunk in the cutest way and introduced me 2 british Bat for lashes. Natasha Khan have this fairytale-ish cute and awesome music v-d-yo. And I really like the song. Apparantly she is a visual artist/singer-songwriter/teacher, a multi instrumentalist AND she has a degree in msuic & film. Wednesdaymusiclovesongwunderkindextravaganza from me 2 you.

This moment saved my day. Later we laughed our panties wet. Thank you Marte, yr the best!

Here is the song if anyone is interested:
Bat For Lashes - What's a girl to do.



I'm sorry cy-pup, but I've already started knitting this amazing st.bernard sweater from forbes family knits 4 u.

I'll ofcorz make this yorkie one 4 myself...


What's new on Fred Flare?

Friday I'll be hospitalized for a knee operation. Long story, to make it short; IM SICK OF IT! So, all my friends, to prevent me from suicide, remember to buy me some (or all?) of this new stuff from Fred Flare:

These cute reusable grocery totes imported from Japan, with a zip pocket for my cell or ipod, are sweet as sugar. I like the chihuahua-one the best, but the one with jelly beans are also nice. BTW, jelly beans with popcorn taste are awesome!

Disney Magic Pendant are also very very nice. I need some new jewelery asap and this is prfct. As you can see, Nicole Richie also get it:

Even tho I hate wearing rings, I bet I could manage to hang this disney skull charm on my finger. The skull rests on purple base with pink sparkling Swarovski crystal. Taaaazty:

So, all my friends. Now you know how to make that little blonde girl in the hospitalbed smile. And when im outta there, and done with cructhes, I need these rollerskates:

Stay Cute! -C.P.007-


Peter Jensen spring/summer 08

While designer still thinks it’s relevant to make ready-to-wear inspired by let’s say Egypt/witches/India/paradise-birds (Galliano, McQueen…), Danish designer Peter Jensen prefers to draw inspiration from the more quirky side of America, this year more precisely from the cult classics by John Waters. Jensen has been obsessed with American style-icons such as Tanya Harding and Gary Glitter before, now it’s Mink Stole. Mink Stole who?
(Notice the redhead :)

And what a great choice! (I think alenemor13 will agree)
But as usual Jensen manages to turn his inspiration into wearable cute clothes. Just dye your hair in matching colours if you’d like to add some more edge too it…

by the way, I'm kinda sick of Gareth Pugh and that goth-clubkid-look. And it will be exciting too see Cassette Playa follow up her hype...http://2depressed2getdressed.blogspot.com/2007/06/neo-rave-whatever.html

by the way, I suck when it comes to tags and links


Theres ca 2-3 grains of salt (NaCl) in every tear.


gimme more


first take a look on this video by a real devoted fan of BS :

Deal With Me - Watch more free videos

after you stop laughing you realise that he speaks the truth...at least i had my ahaaaaaa moment while i was eating some tinned sardines in tomattototo sauce. THE TRUTH?????

gimme more will be remixed of half of the mp3blogs out there and TOXIC is still one of the best produced songs since year 2000

have a nice week


Tuesday night music fight/oppsummering av helga

I helga spelte vi plater twice! På Fredag var det
Upopulær, hvor The Kitch gjorde en dritbra jobb og spilte live. Med seks DJ's ble det ganske kaotisk resten av kvelden. men gøy læll. Drinkz and drunks. LOL! Lørdag var det J.O.Pspasibar. Samuraj cities spilte live, det samme gjorde Adventure Kid.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My friends and I threw 2 parties in Oslo this weekend. one with Upopulær on friday where The KITCH played live! and on saturday it was Join our party at spasibar. The night started with two good shows, one with the amazing band from Göteborg, Samuraj Cities, and a one-man-band from Jönköping (I think) called Adventure Kid. Chip music and glowsticks.

Sooooooooo.........Here's some Pure POP TUNES for all ya blogreaders. If I can remember correct, I played some of these, if not all, this weekend:

Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle
Dead Disco - Youre out (Frank Music rmx)
Moving Units - crash'n'burn victims-felix-cartal-remix
Dragonette - The Boys (Calvin harris cover)
Bone Thugs'n'Harmony - Ecstasy (dj copy rmx)
Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin (Tronik youth rmx)

and dont forget the new hits from Fitts for Fight:
FFF-I kill Time

bare klixxx og download.

Koz fra Cyber Puppy 007


glam cam!

Ah ..what a dream this cam is! I first saw it at the Preus museum of photo in Horten in their camera collection. It looked soo good I tried to track it down on eBay... found it, but oh no..! they dont make disc films anymore.. so its useless...

Guess I'll have to force them into remaking it as a digicam or something..


the other model- this was made in several differen colours


Dog days..

Becoming a dog owner might be a bit like beeing brainwashed by a religious sect. (Ive taking over my late grandparents yorkshire terrier, Sara.)

Im happier, talking to strangers, spending my time , spending my money... and I guess Im a tiny bit less self obsessed...
They havent said anything yet.. but Im guessing my friends are a bit sick of me going on and on about dogs tho'...
ah whatever..

I spent my last pennies at Petshop Girls' summer sale.

The winters get pretty cold here in oslo, and I loved this simple and classic maritime dog coat.
(oh yeah both me and my BF got similar ones for our selves, but my BF refuses to walk with the dog waring matching coats... lol) I also liked the highlander coat, but alas, it was sold out.

And Im sure this dog carrier, "Bianca" from Creature Couture will come in handy when we're going to Stavanger for the numusic festival later this week. (last time I brough her on the train they gave me a hard time, but this bag is well camuflaged as a ordinary hand bag so I think we'll be fine this time.)

**The extra rooms are great for a treats, lipgloss, wallet or whatver, but may I suggest a waterbowl for the dog as a first priority.

here is what I wanne buy next ( but maybe it can wait 'till next summer..)

This life jacket from paws aboard, is great for summer days by the sea.

And I think this dog basket seems really clever!

ah yeah I know Im a fucking dog-geek..

so I'll sign out with this dog-tune by Sofy - "Maybe a dog"
c u


My Friend Marte is an up'n'comming fashion designer. She studies in England but flaxx 4 me her school has like 4 months summer vacation. So she is in Oslo most of that time. N-e-WAY, she makes this real kool jewelery you should check out and buy @ her homepage. The site is not up yet, but soon. Meantime you can have a look at her myspace. iz very cheap. very nice.

This sausage'n'chips-one is very rad:

The doughnuts one I own 4 myself.

And the springknife I wish 4 x-mas grrl...

She also does clothes. Right now she is working on a hooded jacket for me, made of the best disco-fabric you can imagine. She is a real nice girl. To night we spent the perfect night with popcorn and the O.C in my bed.

-Cyber Puppy-


Jeremy Scott. I luv u a lot!

I can give you what you want.
I can make your heart beat short.
I can make you Ice Cream.
We can be a sweet team.
Melting in your vice dream, sport.

Gi meg denne'a. Pliz! Fra foodfight kolleksjonen til Jeremy Scott. (2006).

Oooolds news this song. But it's still good on a monday, and perrfect 4 thiz amazing dress:
New Young Pony Club - Ice cream.
N.Y.P.C. - Ice cream (popular computer rmx)
(songs 4 download. I'll give you more soon. I promise.)

p.s. I was in bergen this weekend. Played sum hot fresh CDR's at a releaseparty for "Kønst Magazine" on thursday which was good fun, and visited Ekko festival friday and saturday. Finally met up with deprimert vampyr, and tgthr we rocked the block. Except some stressing and crying when nobody let me in or answered their phone 07 saturday morning, it was a very good weekend. Margit saved my ass and let me sleep at her couch. But it involved a looong walk. uh. yeh. this is turning in to a diary. enuff.

Kisses from double'o'seven.


me and cyber puppy had soooo much fun you know this weekend. fun in the sun!!!! we danced away to slagxxxxxxmålsklubben. they rocked. alla som inta dansar er voldtekstmenn is a mighty fine rime. hah. meaning everybody that dont dance is a rapist!


not spectacular, but just kinda want theese

Junya Watanabe for Comme Des Garcons
get it at yoox.com

and hey! the shirt looks good as a follow-up to the iheartcomix-poster!