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My Friend Marte is an up'n'comming fashion designer. She studies in England but flaxx 4 me her school has like 4 months summer vacation. So she is in Oslo most of that time. N-e-WAY, she makes this real kool jewelery you should check out and buy @ her homepage. The site is not up yet, but soon. Meantime you can have a look at her myspace. iz very cheap. very nice.

This sausage'n'chips-one is very rad:

The doughnuts one I own 4 myself.

And the springknife I wish 4 x-mas grrl...

She also does clothes. Right now she is working on a hooded jacket for me, made of the best disco-fabric you can imagine. She is a real nice girl. To night we spent the perfect night with popcorn and the O.C in my bed.

-Cyber Puppy-

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PEPPER sa...

Nice :) :)

Anonym sa...

marte-design<3gotta love it!!!