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Peter Jensen spring/summer 08

While designer still thinks it’s relevant to make ready-to-wear inspired by let’s say Egypt/witches/India/paradise-birds (Galliano, McQueen…), Danish designer Peter Jensen prefers to draw inspiration from the more quirky side of America, this year more precisely from the cult classics by John Waters. Jensen has been obsessed with American style-icons such as Tanya Harding and Gary Glitter before, now it’s Mink Stole. Mink Stole who?
(Notice the redhead :)

And what a great choice! (I think alenemor13 will agree)
But as usual Jensen manages to turn his inspiration into wearable cute clothes. Just dye your hair in matching colours if you’d like to add some more edge too it…

by the way, I'm kinda sick of Gareth Pugh and that goth-clubkid-look. And it will be exciting too see Cassette Playa follow up her hype...http://2depressed2getdressed.blogspot.com/2007/06/neo-rave-whatever.html

by the way, I suck when it comes to tags and links

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alenemor13 sa...

oh man shes my rolemodel too!