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Dog days..

Becoming a dog owner might be a bit like beeing brainwashed by a religious sect. (Ive taking over my late grandparents yorkshire terrier, Sara.)

Im happier, talking to strangers, spending my time , spending my money... and I guess Im a tiny bit less self obsessed...
They havent said anything yet.. but Im guessing my friends are a bit sick of me going on and on about dogs tho'...
ah whatever..

I spent my last pennies at Petshop Girls' summer sale.

The winters get pretty cold here in oslo, and I loved this simple and classic maritime dog coat.
(oh yeah both me and my BF got similar ones for our selves, but my BF refuses to walk with the dog waring matching coats... lol) I also liked the highlander coat, but alas, it was sold out.

And Im sure this dog carrier, "Bianca" from Creature Couture will come in handy when we're going to Stavanger for the numusic festival later this week. (last time I brough her on the train they gave me a hard time, but this bag is well camuflaged as a ordinary hand bag so I think we'll be fine this time.)

**The extra rooms are great for a treats, lipgloss, wallet or whatver, but may I suggest a waterbowl for the dog as a first priority.

here is what I wanne buy next ( but maybe it can wait 'till next summer..)

This life jacket from paws aboard, is great for summer days by the sea.

And I think this dog basket seems really clever!

ah yeah I know Im a fucking dog-geek..

so I'll sign out with this dog-tune by Sofy - "Maybe a dog"
c u

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