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Jeremy Scott. I luv u a lot!

I can give you what you want.
I can make your heart beat short.
I can make you Ice Cream.
We can be a sweet team.
Melting in your vice dream, sport.

Gi meg denne'a. Pliz! Fra foodfight kolleksjonen til Jeremy Scott. (2006).

Oooolds news this song. But it's still good on a monday, and perrfect 4 thiz amazing dress:
New Young Pony Club - Ice cream.
N.Y.P.C. - Ice cream (popular computer rmx)
(songs 4 download. I'll give you more soon. I promise.)

p.s. I was in bergen this weekend. Played sum hot fresh CDR's at a releaseparty for "Kønst Magazine" on thursday which was good fun, and visited Ekko festival friday and saturday. Finally met up with deprimert vampyr, and tgthr we rocked the block. Except some stressing and crying when nobody let me in or answered their phone 07 saturday morning, it was a very good weekend. Margit saved my ass and let me sleep at her couch. But it involved a looong walk. uh. yeh. this is turning in to a diary. enuff.

Kisses from double'o'seven.

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