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What's new on Fred Flare?

Friday I'll be hospitalized for a knee operation. Long story, to make it short; IM SICK OF IT! So, all my friends, to prevent me from suicide, remember to buy me some (or all?) of this new stuff from Fred Flare:

These cute reusable grocery totes imported from Japan, with a zip pocket for my cell or ipod, are sweet as sugar. I like the chihuahua-one the best, but the one with jelly beans are also nice. BTW, jelly beans with popcorn taste are awesome!

Disney Magic Pendant are also very very nice. I need some new jewelery asap and this is prfct. As you can see, Nicole Richie also get it:

Even tho I hate wearing rings, I bet I could manage to hang this disney skull charm on my finger. The skull rests on purple base with pink sparkling Swarovski crystal. Taaaazty:

So, all my friends. Now you know how to make that little blonde girl in the hospitalbed smile. And when im outta there, and done with cructhes, I need these rollerskates:

Stay Cute! -C.P.007-

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