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comig up next week...

from left: tor erik aka deprimert julatre, kaja aka alenemor13, ellinor aurora, and marthe aka cyberpuppy007

2depressed2getdressed are going to play at Strædet in Bergen

we gonna make costumes, songs and a logo...stay tuned...

(on these pictures ellinor from FFF step in for deprimertvampyr aka andyhotpants)

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Klarer dere å være tøffe nok? Dere må være jævlige nok. Nok er ikke nok.

depressed christmas tree sa...

it depends. we're neither cool nor tough
that's kinda our concept

but sure, we'll try

and get a nick you prick

depressed christmas tree sa...

men fy faen for noen bilder