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f-blog + j-pop...

Watch this video by the worlds best? selling artist Ayumi Hamasaki. I think she has sold like 50 million records or something and she is the femme fatale. hah of j-pop. just click it and read on wiki... her history includes:

- started modelling at age 7
- school dropout from tenth grade
- worked as a discodancer at a japaneese nightclub
- started her music career in the japaneese RAP scene
- now a icon of fashion. hah
- completly deaf on her left ear.

so what do next for Ayumi? of course to get remixed by Institubes finest, Para One..hah, one day her record company just called up para one and asked for an offical remix according to the man himself...haha

i guess this is the same as if Britney would ask for a Justice remix.(kiddding). enjooooooy saturday


AYUMI HAMASAKI - Greatful Days ( Para One Remix)

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