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this is a battle - not a joke

Electrorock: Ozone,.. you've been off the streets too long. gotten lazy.. you've lost your edge!
Ozone: you're the loser, punk! try me!

this is a battle scene from the movie breakin' 2. the movie sucks, but the fashion is great (I love the whole black leather/ hip hop look ) and so is the dance scenes. when you see me doing spastic moves on the dancefloor, this is what I'm trying to accomplish.. lol

oh Turbo is such a sweetie.. and I really want a pair of jogging pants like that.. only dark pink, just like the one I had when I was 5.

2 kommentarer:

deprimert julatre sa...

your moves are way better
(when are you going to blog the tupperwareparty-video?)

alenemor13 sa...

haha fuck u