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its a bling thing

ever since I heard about 'the memory stick' I've been in love with the idea of wearing it as a modern time locket 'round my neck. but instead of a lock of hair from your love, or a picture of your mom, you can fill it up with funky beats, your latest personality quiz results, pictures of MK Olsen, that dress that you really want, or a notepad filled with secrets..

oh well I sure arn't the first one having that idea , because it's all over the internet and they come in all kinds of shapes and colors. from the cute little sushi or doughnut ones to the wooden stick or the chunky swarovski crystals... and here's some of my fav us-bling! (boyfriend, take notes!)

mother-of-pearl coated USB from Transcend

personalized Swarovski rhinestone USB (*lol actually I put these up mostly because I wanted some color in the post.. they're actually quite ugly if you ask me..)

this crystal heart from Philips/Swarovski might be a bit heavy, but it sure is grand!

kind of graphic (and expensive!) by S.T. Dupont

ah bling-bling! I love the gold/silver i-Disk Vogue USB (especially in gold) from Pretec.

..and yeah why don't you start by filling your memory stick with some of these traxx?

2 kommentarer:

deprimert julatre sa...

I must say that the only one I liked was the S.T. Dupont one...and of course, the Philips/Swarovski was nice, but a little bit to 12year-old schoolgirl with rich dad
but I guess that's what you like...


alenemor13 sa...

yes, the S.T Dupont is no doubt the best one , design- wise. but it's almost too obvious in a way.. a bit too 'after-the-book'-cool.

, I like a bit of tacky quirkyness in the mix (but you know that)

and yes, I LOVE spoiled brats!