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Pierre et Gilles <3

sorry,.. I've been meaning to post about this a long time ago..

but now I'm drunk so I'll just throw myself into it before I'll
get all critical and stuff. Because, the fact is, I don't know what to
write about Pierre et Gilles other that they're ... the best!
they're husband and husband taking these really dreamy
kitchy portraits of friends,
celebrities and .. well, people. If you don't know them already,
you'll love me for the introduction. right?
Anywayz , Enjoy!

7 kommentarer:

city.sub sa...

Must say that i share your love for Pierre et Gilles, but you have given them credit for a picture they did not create ... The picture below Nina Hagen is made by James Bidgood.

And if you like Pierre et Gilles you will love James Bidgood.

Check out his movie «Pink Narcissus» and you´ll see where Pierre et Gilles got some of their inspiration.

Great blog by the way!

alenemor13 sa...

oh my mistake
I'll change it. and I will check out this movie


city.sub sa...

See a clip from «Pink Narcissus» here:

alenemor13 sa...

wow! love it!
the story about Narcissus have always been one of my favs from greek mythology.

Anna sa...

å, eg var på ei stooor pierre&gilles-utstilling i paris i sommar, det var så fint! dei hadde måla veggane i dei forskjellige romma slik at dei passa til bilda, og alle bilda hadde ei heilt særeiga ramme etc. du ville likt det. eg følte det som om eg var i eit sukkertøyhus.

alenemor13 sa...

sukker sukker sukker

city.sub sa...

I´ve uploaded the whole movie for you to download if you want.
Get «Pink Narcissus» here: