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Hello from Copenhagen....

OK... so its like two weeks since I got back. But Im slow, lazy and broke. And we all know that analog photography costs! (rite Alenemor?) And today I scanned all the negatives one more time. technology suxx sometimes.

Anyway, I visited one of my best friends, Marie, as she lives in Copenhagen to study archtecture. Here u have some snaps!

I dont remember her name, but I want her CAP! OMG. Leather caps are kool.
(was it Agnes? Well, she was swedish and friendly and tuff).

This is the friend of Agnes´s (?) little sister. hah.

Marie, I love you.

Sunday morning. Eggs and Politiken.

Ended the weekend by going crazy in some bakery. They all tasted the same; nothing.

5 kommentarer:

Sister Libby sa...

I need a pastry, stat! And thanks for telling me that there are no fjords in Sweden. That would have caused some major embarrassment. And Norway was my second choice, because I have relatives in Sweden.

martemjau sa...

åh, fine bilder. men faen marthe... når kommer du til london a? hehe

Cyber puppy 007 sa...

jeg kommer mellom påske og sommer! promise! først skal jeg til kina i 4 uker vettu.

alenemor13 sa...

true dat!

kanskjevi ska ta turen innom en mc sjappe å se etter capz?

Cyber puppy 007 sa...

ja. vi har jo ei mc sjappe på skolen da. kan starte der.