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my space music

yeah. 2008 and i still use myspace. ehhh. make sure to check out the canyons myspace as they make sweet ass music, i love the song "more champagne" and their remix of blackstarrs shake it.

out and about themself...

The Canyons are two producers/DJ's with backgrounds in, and a passion for soul, psychedelic rock, jazz, disco and good club music. They combine live instruments and vocals with drum machines, samples and analogue effects. The Canyons' 4 track EP is scheduled for release in January 2008 through Hole in the Sky and will be available on 12" and for download"

2008 is the year of the RAT and a few nights ago i dreamt that the spits played at this years ØYA festival dressed as big rats...ehhhhhh

LET THEM PLAY YOUR PARTY øya dudes??? pretty please

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