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...from uhm, 2 weeks ago?

The party started off with Galepaal´s always amazing liveset.
(btw. he is joing me and the upopulær-crew throwing club @ Hove festival this summer. BUY TICKETS NOW!)

Ørjan aka. Dagsrevyen/Mellalica/Metallica


Mira, she turned 22!

I bought three gas balloons at ballon company for the kids.
looks like he is going to a baby shower.

Amir and Thuy improvised some emo-rock 4 us.

Øyvind bailed on Ørjan, so this night Mellalica was a one man band, which turned out super. Her did a cover of and old fitts for fight song; "holy sex". Good work!

Morten, the birthdayboy. 22 also. They´re twins.

Group photo? haha. People started to get a little drunk...

Oh well. It was a good party. Always fun with bands playing in your livingroom. One year we had a two-days festival in my old appartment. I think 10 bands, 4-5 DJ´s and lots of food and drinks. Bar-b-q and so on. Friday Im moving into a new appartment with 3 friends, I hope there will be somehing happening there also from time to time.

oh yeah just some more pics from the birthday bash..

*sorry for hijacking yr post cyber but I manage to take a few pics too that night and yeah well here is some of them! xxx Alenemor 13*

Frannie is in a party moodMichael and Kristin (and Ida) is waiting for the concerts to start

Anne Sofie, smiling as always"warp drive"

american girl and Anna eating all the pastry

crazy in love.. Cyber P. and Audar

and then the battery went low on the camera...
but the night went on, and it went down good !

The end.