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is it too early for springcleaning yet? well, my computer desktop is in desperate need of one, and as a start I thought I'd upload some of the pixx that are taking up space on my computer. first out are these photos from the fall/winter 07 collection by TOGA

yes I 've said it before, but pink and red together are such a good combiation and the same goes for orange and pink. (this dress reminds me a bit of the vagina dresses that cyberpuppy posted earlier) I love the relaxed feel over this collection. and I really like those native inspired sweaters, and the contrast with the latex leggings!

I also like these dresses from the spring/summer 07 collection, ..even though the red "wrappingpaper" one, probably suits a long legged african model, more than it suits a pale 1.62cm tall redhead.. Together with her short hair and dark skintones (oh and that red lipstick!), this fabric and the shape of the dress, is truely amazing! **photos from totem fashion and parisfashionshows.net

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